Party like a polar bear on New Year’s Day!

Photograph of a past Polar Bear Swim, courtesy of Daphne's website.

Sponsored by the Edmonds Uplift Society, the Polar Bear Swim is an annual Edmonds tradition for those hearty souls who believe that a cold dip in Puget Sound is the best way to start the New Year. Gather at Daphne’s Cafe at 425 1/2 Main St. at 11 a.m. for the walk to Brackett’s Landing, where the immersion begins, ending with beers around the fire at Rory’s.


  1. We were down at Brackett’s Landing at 11:00AM but didn’t see any “Polar Bears.” And Daphne’s was closed. What happened?

    • I’m checking into that – I was at Brackett’s Landing for a while as well, hoping to get a photo, but never saw anyone either.


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