More on Dick’s Drive-In: The Burdett family video from Edmonds


Here’s the Burdett family’s effort to convince Dick’s Drive-In to move to Edmonds. (Thanks to Michael Burdett for sharing!)


  1. At the old Skipper’s site would be perfect! How cool would that be to have a “Dick’s” and have that be something the ferry folks could look forward to both coming and going!!!!! And we locals could enjoy without heading down to the District or Ballard!

  2. Have already contacted them..actually sent them listing about 4 months need follow thru w powers to be..look at what Terrace is doing..mayor has reached out, met w/ them, shown traffic flow etc..we have another restaurant going in where Johnnys was..Dimitris (Cafe Neo) and unless council gets together and works out a parking solution they will struggle as the prior 5 restaurants there have..we really need to get together as citizens and put a stop to this “levy this, car tax this” and have a powerful economic vision during these tough proactive, not retro-active!

  3. Heaven forbid that we reach out to businesses that could bring income to our town when we have taxes that could be raised!!!!!!

  4. thx Priya..they definitely take after their mom! You know it is not that it? Think outside the box and go out and get some things going..we have the best small town in WA..businesses love it here..I just met the new Brewery owner, what a great guy and great business for our town..I tried to get the ball rolling w 3on3 tournament on waterfront over 2 years ago.., I spoke w large software company about putting a campus west of I-5 here in Edmonds, I spoke w select soccer program about benefit of having facility here, I spoke about a kids night out where the kids can have 6 blocks of blocked roads riding bikes while parents dined/shopped, I have contacted the Wa Wine association about putting a co-op winery in milltown..I have absolutely no financial interest in any of this..I just want this town of 4 generations of Burdetts to be economically sound and a great place to live..why can’t the powers to be get it? If we had folks involved in the politics of this town that were passionate about this town we would be moving forward w/out all this talk about taxes and levies..they should spend every waking hour thinking of ways of balancing the budget the right way..what can we do today to benefit this town for the next 4 generation of Burdetts!..and not about non-pressing issues like cat leashes, plastic and city manager vs. mayor..ok off my soapbox..sorry!!

  5. Priya & Michael:
    You both are obviously not aware of the extensive efforts continually being made by Stephen Clifton to bring businesses to Edmonds. Regarding economic development in general, perhaps sometime you both should attend a meeting of the 17-member Citizens Economic Development Commission.

  6. Ron ,I agree with you that Priya & Michael should attend the CEDC meetings and offer there suggestions but also the levy committee meetings and if cant attend email their suggestions. The minutes of both are on the web sight so if they havent already they should read them and see some of the great ideas coming forward especially on economic development. Mike good to hear your voice.

  7. Hey had too much starbucks n caffiene got to me! Didn’t mean to give impression edc isn’t active and doing great stuff. Sorry if that was the message. Keep up the great work folks!

  8. @Ron and Don, I am very aware of those committees and the work that goes on there. However, what wee need is leadership who can turn those ideas into reality. I agree with Michael on this issue.

    Last year I served on the Levy Commtt. I spent evening and time away from my kids while my husband was deployed in the Gulf. The Council ignored everything we told them. And, guess what! We are now in the same place we were a year ago. I am sure you can understand my frustration and wish to get off the gerbil wheel.

    Our town needs effective leadership that will step out on a ledge and get down to the business of making business. Instead, as Michael said, we spend time banning plastic bags and putting cats on a leash.

  9. Priya:

    The FD1 deal last year, which came along unexpectedly while the levy committee was operating, provided temporary relief for the city’s finances. That was fortunate, because council concluded the timing was not optimum for putting a tax increase before the voters.

    It is also possible that a levy will not be needed next year. At the Aug 31st 2011 Budget Workshop the administration showed an estimate for 2010 general fund revenue that is more than $2 million higher than the prior revenue outlook provided by the administration. If the Aug 31st estimate is correct, the levy can be once again postponed.

    I have been seeking clarification of the numbers since Aug 31st, but the Finance Director and the Mayor have not answered emails.


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