Election 2010 Nov. 2 results updated Thursday

2010 election results updated Thursday

The biggest news, by far, is that U.S. Senator Patty Murry was declared the winner over opponent Dino Rossi. Here are general election results for candidates representing Edmonds voters, plus initiatives and referendums, as of 7 p.m. Thursday.  For a complete list of results, visit the Snohomish County elections website or the Secretary of State website.

Edmonds only
Proposition 1 (adding a $40 fee to local vehicle registration fees):
Yes: 3,754 for 29 percent
No: 8,934 for 71 percent

U.S. Senator:
Patty Murray (D) 925,145 or 51.29 percent
Dino Rossi (R) 878,572 or 48.71 percent

U.S. Rep. District 1:
Jay Inslee (D) 104,156 or 57 percent
James Watkins (R) 79,962 or 43 percent


1st District Rep., Pos. 1
Derek Stanford (D) 16,164 or 52 percent
Dennis Richter (R) 15,133 or 48 percent

1st District Rep., Pos. 2
Heidi Munson (R) 15,731 or 51 percent
Luis Moscoso (D) 15,352 or 49 percent

21st District Senator:
David Preston (R) 10,133 or 38 percent
Paull Shin (D) 116,577 or 62 percent

21st District Rep. Pos. 1
Ed Borey (R) 11,632 or 44 percent
Mary Helen Roberts (D) 14,726 or 56 percent

21st District Rep. Pos. 2
Marko Liias (D) 13,973 or 53 percent
Elizabeth Scott (R) 12,205 or 47 percent

32nd District Senator
Maralyn Chase (D) 20,479 or 59 percent
David Baker (R) 14,128 or 41 percent

32nd District Rep. Pos. 1
Art Coday (R) 13,903 or 40 percent
Cindy Ryu (D) 20,508 or 60 percent

32nd District Rep. Pos. 2
Gary Gagliardi (R) 12,667 or 37 percent
Ruth Kagi (D) 21,746 or 63 percent

State Supreme Court Pos. 6
Charlie Wiggins (NP) 704,875 or 49 percent
Richard B. Sanders (NP) 722,864 or 51 percent


Prosecuting Attorney
Mark Roe (D) 103,250 or 69 percent
Jim Kenny (D) 45,204 or 31 percent
Write-in 1,792 or 1.19 percent

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