365 days in Edmonds: Where-U-Brew gets ready to open new digs


Wayne Purser of 365 Things to Do in Edmonds visits Dennis Gallagher of Gallaghers’ Where-U-Brew, as he prepares to open in his new location at 180 W. Dayton St., Suite 105, in the Harbor Square business complex. The shop will open this Friday, Jan. 28. For more information, visit Gallaghers’ website.


  1. I worked with Dennis at Chevron before he opened Where-U-Brew. Dennis is a great guy and was a joy to work with. I applaud his much deserved success with his new shop. His beer making expertise is only exceeded by his chocolate chip cookie making skill. His only fault is that he is a Cougar fan instead of a Husky fan.
    – B. Dorsch


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