Edmonds man gets charge out of converting cars to electric power

    Over several years, Al Swackhammer, of Edmonds, restored his 1960 Auto Union 1000S and converted it to electric power. (Photo by GREG GILBERT/SEATTLE TIMES)

    (The following story is used with permission of our online news partner The Seattle Times. Additional photos as well as a video can be found here.)

    By Erik Lacitis
    Seattle Times staff reporter

    Why should it be any surprise that the nation’s biggest club of guys like Al Swackhammer is in the Pacific Northwest?

    Visiting his home in Edmonds, with a 220-volt plug hanging from the garage ceiling, he proudly shows off the metal baby that he put together himself.

    It’s a car that packs 60 lithium-ion batteries that weigh in at 410 pounds total. There are 48 stacked in the back seat and 12 more in the trunk.

    It’s a gas-to-electricity conversion project that has set him back $23,000. You can read the complete story here.

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