It’s pedal to the metal for American Brewing as Earthweek keg delivered by bike

    Matt Jilson on his way with the keg and a close-up of the cargo. (Photos by Amber Salinas Photography)

    American Brewing Company’s regular beer delivery guy, Matt Jillson, normally uses the brewery’s historic fire truck to make his rounds. But tonight, Jillson used an alternative means of transportation to deliver the required 1/4 keg of Breakaway IPA to Latona Pub in Seattle: a bicycle.

    The alternative transportation is part of Latona Pub’s second annual Earthweek celebration, during which all kegs on tap will be brought from breweries to the pub on foot or by bicycle or boat. Jillson left American Brewing’s Harbor Square location by mountain bike at 5 p.m., pulling a trailer of the required beer behind him and wearing a smile on his face.

    “It is our way of supporting this cause and bringing awareness to the public about the earth, our environment and our impact on it,” said Julie Anderson of American Brewing.


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