Madrona School’s Civil Rights Education bill now awaiting Governor’s signature


A bill championed by a group of fourth, fifth and sixth graders at Madrona K-8 School in the Edmonds School District moved closer to becoming law on Monday.

Senate Bill 5174, sponsored by Sen. Maralyn Chase, passed the House with a 72-23 vote and will now await the Governor’s signature before becoming law.

The MLK Group came up with the idea for the bill, which encourages Washington state schools to teach the history of the civil rights movement, while preparing for an assembly celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The group has lobbied for its passage and made trips to Olympia in support of the measure.


  1. NICE! Glad to see that kids are learning first hand about our government. And, kudos to one of my favorite State Senators for taking on the cause!


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