Shin-sponsored bill encouraging accelerated college degrees passes House


State Senate Bill 5442, which encourages the development of accelerated degree pathways in Washington state’s colleges and universities, passed the House with a sweeping majority.
The proposal, sponsored by Sen. Paull Shin, D–Edmonds, asks higher education institutions to develop guidelines for a combination of ways students can earn degree credit without requiring them to attend summer classes or enroll in more than a full-time class load. Students could earn a full, 180-credit baccalaureate degree for three-quarters of the cost up to a year ahead of the traditional four-year schedule. Students would have the potential of graduating in three years instead of four.
“This proposal represents a wonderful opportunity to our students and the economy,” Shin said. “It would encourage moving our motivated students into the workplace more quickly. Additionally, in these tough economic times, it could reduce education costs for students if they can save on an entire year of tuition and other expenses.”


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