My Edmonds News joins Authentically Local campaign


A group of 30 independently-owned local news sites across the United States, including My Edmonds News, have joined forces to launch an “Authentically Local” branding campaign to emphasize the importance of supporting homegrown media, stores and places. Our friends in Mountlake Terrace, MLTNews, have also joined the campaign.

Economists estimate the local advertising market is about $100 billion a year, and numerous organizations are trying to get their piece of it, including Groupon, Living Social, Google, Facebook, Apple and AOL. But the  goal of the “Authentically Local” campaign is to highlight the difference between authentic local businesses and those that are just cashing in.

“I am proud to join dozens of outstanding pioneers in online journalism nationwide who are taking a stand for authentically local businesses,” said Teresa Wippel, publisher of My Edmonds News. ” I started My Edmonds News as an online gathering place that would also serve as a marketplace for our local business community, and this Authentically Local campaign sends a strong message: Locally owned news sites are in the community with their advertisers, and they spend advertisers’ dollars right here in our community rather than send them to a corporation.”

Any locally owned Edmonds business is invited to participate in the campaign by proudly displaying the “Authentically Local” logo on their website and print materials. You can download a copy of the logo on the Authentically Local website.

3 Replies to “My Edmonds News joins Authentically Local campaign”

  1. I got a call from the Edmonds Patch people this week, and quite surprised to find out they were in New York. Seriously! I’m proud to post the authentically local on Chanterelle’s facebook page and will incorporate it in other print and electronic material in the future. Thanks for the link.


  2. I sometimes end up at Edmonds Patch when I’m googling for different points of view on an Edmonds story I’m very interested in. I was surprised to see a story there about the recent Royal Wedding (no, I’m not kidding) and an Editorial by Arianna Huffington. I’m sure there are people interested in that kind of stuff, but I think that there are better places to find it.

    The Edmonds focus here on My Edmonds News is what keeps me coming back.



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