Tonight: Structuring your business for success at 425 Launch forum


Entrepreneurs who want to learn more about structuring their business for success should attend the fourth semi-monthly 425-Launch event, tonight at 5:30 p.m. in the Bracket Room at City Hall, 121 Fifth Ave.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, are about to start a new business, or have already started one, this discussion forum could be just the place you want to be.  Presenting at this session will be Edmonds lawyers David Tingstad and Richard Beresford, of Beresford Booth PLLC, who will discuss and answer question on how to best:
1.       Structure your business,
2.       Establish a relationship with your “partners” with practical and economic substance,
3.       Provide for estate and succession planning, and
4.       Provide a measure of asset protection.

“Structuring your business for success is challenging,” notes an Edmonds Chamber of Commerce news release about the event.  “Selecting the proper business form, whether corporation, limited liability company, proprietorship or other entity can be confusing.  As a business owner, you must compare management, capital needs, tax consequences and liability considerations as you navigate through the challenges of your business formation.  This will be an interesting and helpful opportunity to provide useful tips on how to structure your business with caution and flexibility.”

The goal of 425 Launch, a subcommittee of the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce, is to strengthen the community by promoting and fostering entrepreneurship, and provide a forum for aspiring and existing entrepreneurs to exchange ideas and experiences.


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