Bob Wilcox also files to run against Diane Buckshnis


It looks like incumbent Diane Buckshnis will have at least two opponents running against her in August.

Bob Wilcox of the Wilcox Construction family filed for the Position 4 seat Friday morning.

We’ll have more details as they become available.



  1. I am delighted to see more citizens interested in getting on the council. However in this case the citizens should retain Diane Buckshnis who has proven time and time again that she is always well prepared, attends countless meetings and fully understands that Financial solvency and transparency are a priority for all citizens of Edmonds. She has fought tirelessly to get the administration to provide the financial information necessary to make good decisions. Let’s stay with a proven great city councilor who is her own person with no allegiance to special interests, and works hard for ALL citizens of Edmonds.

  2. I fully support Bob Wilcox in his quest to be elected to city council. Bob, prior to his recent retirement, was a proven leader and manager of a substantial successful business that’s headquartered in Edmonds. He is fully experienced at creating results, as opposed to simply critiquing them. Our city needs council members who not only work hard, but are able to achieve tangible results. Bob has the operational experience,as well as the interpersonal skills, to get the job done for the citizens of Edmonds.

  3. I too support Bob Wilcox whom I’ve known since Elementary school and also worked for a a Superintendent in his construction company. Bob’s roots grow deep in this community where he grew up, ran his business and also raised his children. I don’t think you will find a better person to handle this job and will work for the citizens of Edmonds. Thank you Bob for making yourself available.

  4. Ron B.

    Since Ms. Buckshnis started attending city council meetings in 2009 she has made a number of untrue accusations about the city’s finances. A prime example is her claim in May 2010 that $400,000 was removed from the REET funds. I tried several times, without success, to explain to her that none of the REET funds disappeared,the staff simply loweredthe projection for the amount that would be collected in 2009.

    Ms. Buckshnis consistently exhibits her total lack of experience with operational accounting. She has had no experience with budgets or estimates. As an auditor she only saw the numbers when “they were ready for prime time”. They were the final numbers for the accounting period being audited – there were no estimates and in some cases they would have already been reviewed by internal auditors. Ms. Buckshnis is a “final numbers person” – she is very likely a very good auditor. That experience is virtually irrelevant to the financial operations of our city.

    Ron, you are an operations person. I’m confident that your opinion would not be so much different than mine if you, like me, had set thru all of the finance committee meetings with her. Perhaps you have read the minutes of those minutes, but those very summary meetings don’t at all cover the discussions that routinely go on at those meetings.

    Please remind me specifically which figures were misrepresented concerning the sale of fire assets to FD1.

  5. Ron B.

    I rose to the second highest rung in the company, and retained that position for the 10 years prior to my retirement, not because of a great education but as a result of my performance. I annually reviewed and approved the budgets of about 20 operating companies around the world. Those were thorough reviews that took at least 1 1/2 days. I feel that I have a post-doctral degree in budgeting.

    Mr. Wilcox is not “a good old boy who the Chamber feels will promote their desires”. You would be surprised if you knew who has encouraged him to run. He ran a successful business for many years and, like you, by necessity learned a lot about operational accounting. We do not need another council member to micro-manage the finance department. Any problems in the department need to be fixed by the new finance director.

    Do you really think that the city would sell assets for a tenth of what they were worth? They were sold for values that were determined by a specialized outside appraiser.

  6. Ron B.

    No I could not design an accounting system. That’s the job of the finance director, not any elected official.

  7. Ron B, you said above in #7 above “Currently, (according to Darrol Hung) the temp CFO is being paid an annual salary of $226,000. Not sure what he bases that on? The only reason that may be necessary is a three part QMS manual does not exist where new hires can pick up when others leave.”

    I would guess you are refering to my comment made about the Mayor’s hiring freeze. The freeze will not apply to the new finance director. I did not say the salary was $226,000 annually. Here is what I actually said, ‘The salary for a new director will be in the $100k range and the cost for the interim director when annualized is around $290k.” Here is the source for the numbers quoted. The job posting for the new finance director provided the information for the salary range statement for the new finance director. The “cost for the interim director” estimate came from information provided by Council Member Buckshnis. According to her we pay a temp agency some where around $5600 per week for the services of the interim director. That works out to around $290,000 annualized costs. I do not know if the lack of a “three part QMS manual” had anything to do with the negotiations with the temp firm. Does anyone know who did and how the negotiations were done?

    So on an annualzed basis the savings to hire a permanent finance director is aroound $190,000. That’s about the amount needed to restore the 2 people who were cut from the finance dept in recent years. This restoral would go a long ways to helping to provide more transparent financial information.

    I understand the interview process for a new finance director is will along if not complete. Does anyone know if we are close to a selection. I worry that the best possible candidates did not apply. While the job posting said nice things about the job, the word on the street may have suggested a differerent ad. “Come to Edmonds as the new finance director. Your dept is understaffed, Council may hound you, people may echo council with that whole transparency thing, but you can look forward to some exciting exchanges for as long as you wish to stay.”

  8. Darrol:

    I doubt very much that a finance director will be recruited for as low as $100k; it’s likely tp be more like $120k to $130k. Add about another $40K for benefits.

    Regarding the cost of the temporary finance director, the excess cost has not been budgeted so there really are no savings – the budget will just no longer be exceeded.

  9. So we will compensate the new finance person around $160-170k?

    I know the temp cost is not budgeted but if we are going to spend the $290k for an interim director and then we change so $170k how is that not a savings? The sooner we fill the job the less we pay, right? To me that is a saving.

    Does anyone know how we are doing on the selection process?

  10. Darrol:

    A true savings could be legitimately spent on something else. This savings cannot be spent on something else without the budget being exceeded. To me, a more accurate classification of the differential would be “cost avoidance”, or something similar.


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