From The Seattle Times: Edmonds’ own Olives has closed and that’s the pits

Owner Michael Young at Il Buffone (Photo by Lara Alexander)

From our online news partner The Seattle Times and food writer Nancy Leson comes word that Il Buffone, the replacement for Olives Cafe & Wine Bar, has closed.

Leson wrote: “Young locked the doors for good Saturday night after service, leaving a cryptic (if literary) goodbye on the company website. This week, the neighbors were left asking “What?!” And they weren’t the only ones.”

Read here for Leson’s complete story and interview with owner Michael Young about his reasons for closing Il Buffone and his plans for the Winged Pig.


  1. I was there shortly after the business changed its name. I must say, it was the worst service I have ever had at an Edmonds restaurant (and I dine out often) and the food was mediocre. After flagging down a waiter the third of fourth time because of neglect, I told him, out of frustration, he better start looking for a new job because this place was not going to last. You cannot feed people so-so food and treat your customers like crap and expect to stay in business. Edmonds has some excellent new restaurants — Epulo Bistro, Five Restaurant/Bistro and Demetris. The closing of this one is no loss.


  2. I was wondering what the real story behind this was. Businesses don’t just change there names unless they are trying to avoid something. I hope Mr Young has sought legal counsel to advise him how to properly close down his business so that creditors cannot reach the assets of his new business or his personal assets.

    That being said, I am sorry to see Olive’s close. Being a native New Mexican, I really enjoyed the Albuquerque Turkey. The Flying Pig is walking distance from my condo and I hope that it prospers! Good luck to Mr. Young and his family. All my best wishes to you.


  3. I will miss this wonderful place. I personally had wonderful meals and experiences at Olives every time I went (and I went often), and I’ve heard nothing but positive comments from friends and patrons for the five years that I’ve been part of this community.
    When you put your passion and sweat into a business like Michael has, and it doesn’t work out the way you’d hoped, it’s hard to bear. I think what he built at Olives deserves praise and respect, and it’s closure is a significant loss.
    And I’m really going to miss “Shannon’s Pasta.”
    Best of luck to you, Michael.


  4. I for one never had bad service or food at either Olives or Il Buffone! After the change to the latter, Michael sought my opinion every time I ate there due to my frequent travels to Italy and a true understanding of Neopolitan Pizza.

    My wife & I will miss the food & service & the staff (especially Shannon). I will also miss the Gallagher’s beer Michael poured but I know it is still available at the Winged Pig.

    Ciao you Buffone & thank YOU for all the fish (and pork, beef, pizza etc etc). My buddy, Arthur Dent will miss you as well. Don’t Panic!




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