Cole Gallery liquidating art supplies to accommodate more artwork

Denise Cole is liquidating her art supply business to make room for more 3D art pieces. (Photo courtesy of Cole Gallery)

Cole Gallery owner Denise Cole wants more space for artwork, so she is liquidating most of the gallery’s artist supplies starting Friday.

“I want to make room for more 3D art pieces, including glass and sculpture while giving the gallery a new fresh feel,” Cole said. “We have so many wonderful pieces and new works I would like to showcase; I just need the space.”

The gallery will continue to sell a limited line of professional art supplies, but they will be kept in the downstairs studio where classes are held.  The focus will be to fill orders for the gallery’s on-site workshops as well as for customers and students in the community.  The workshop component of the business has grown exponentially in the past few years as nationally acclaimed artists from around the country are often brought in to teach at Cole Gallery.

“I needed to take a look at what I wanted the main gallery space to represent,” Cole said. “I still want to support students and help inspire and educate the public in the creation of art, but I also want to fashion a space that focuses just on the amazing art that we have here. I want people to be able to experience art in different ways and in new mediums. Significantly downsizing the supplies and taking them off the main floor allows me to do this.  In the end, I think people will be able to experience the art better.”

Starting Friday, supplies will be sold at 30 percent off the last marked price, which means that some supplies will sell at 70 percent off retail.  The sale will continue until either everything is sold or by Labor Day.  Included in the sale are Golden Acrylic paints and mediums, Graham Oils and watercolors, brushes, drawing supplies and pastels. 

 The gallery plans to unveil new artists in various mediums and with new viewing experiences after Labor Day.

Store hours and gallery information can be found on the website.


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