Edmonds hydroplane ends up 7th overall at Columbia Cup

The Miss Peters and May crew works on the engine before Sunday's first heat. (Photos by John Gatjens)

By Harry Gatjens

The Edmonds-based U-11 hydroplane, Stevenson Roofing presents Miss Peters and May, ended its day as the alternate to the final heat in Sunday’s Columbia Cup unlimited hydroplane race in Kennewick.

While disappointed not to be in the final, owners Scott and Shannon Raney and JW Meyers were pleased with the progress the boat continues to show. The boat has gone out for eight heats this year and has finished all of them, a 100-percent success rate. “The most important thing for us to do as a new team is finish consistently, not break parts on the boat and show improvement at each race,” Scott Raney said.

Driver JW Meyers displayed a spectacular feat of driving during the pre-race jockeying the hydroplanes do. With all the other boats crawling slowly to try and get a good starting position, Meyers rocketed between

Some of the competitors have many spare propellers, which cost about $10,000 each.

boats and established himself on the inside and led all of the boats to the start. Unfortunately, the new team is still searching for speed secrets and so is as of yet out-horse-powered by the more established and well-funded teams. Still, Meyers held them all off with the exception of current season point leader, Kip Brown in the Miss Red Dot. A second place showing was great in the first heat of the day.

A random draw determines the competition in each of the preliminary heats, and randomness got the best of the Edmonds boat in its second heat Sunday. The other contestants represented three out of the top five boats in season standings including all-time win leader Dave Villwock with the Spirit of Qatar. Villwock easily won the heat, as he has every heat this year except one. The Miss Peters and may ended up 4th.

This left our local boat as the alternate for the final.  The race was

Miss Peters and May (far right) leads the boats across the start in Sunday's first heat.

eventually won by Villwock with Steve David, in the Oh Boy! Oberto finishing second.

All 14 boats now come to Seattle for the Seafair event this coming weekend. For more hydroplane coverage, visit My Edmonds News.


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