Edmonds hydroplane qualifies at Seafair with fifth-fastest time Friday

Driver JW Meyers prepares to climb into the Edmonds-based hydro for his qualification run. (Photo by Greg Dill)

By Harry Gatjens

Driver JW Meyers was the fifth-fastest qualifier for this weekend’s Albert Lee Cup at Seafair in Seattle. Meyers took the Edmonds-based Miss Peters and May around the two-mile Lake Washington course Friday at an average speed of over 146 mph.

Shannon Raney, who co-owns the boat with her husband Scott and Meyers, called My Edmonds News and said, “We are extremely pleased with the way our boat ran today. We are looking forward to our one preliminary heat on Saturday as a chance to continue our improvements and poise the boat for a great finish in the remaining heats on Sunday. We are proud to be based in Edmonds and hope that Edmonds citizens can root for us this weekend.”

The team has worked very hard in their first year to provide consistent good finishes at each race. As the season progresses, their top speeds and overall finishes continue to improve.

Be sure to follow our own Stevenson Roofing Presents Miss Peters and May U-11 live at Lake Washington, on KIRO-TV and of course on My Edmonds News.

Here is a listing of all the qualifiers for the Albert Lee Cup:

1. U-96 Spirit of Qatar                                   `               Dave Villwock 151.880 MPH
2. U-1   Oh Boy Oberto/Miss Madison                        Steve David 150.836 MPH
3. U-7  Valken.com                                                          Scott Liddycoat 149.950 MPH
4. U-21 Albert Lee Appliances                                      Brian Perkins 148.454 MPH
5. U-11 Stevenson Roofing presents Peters & May  J.W. Myers 146.565 MPH
6. U-17 Miss Red Dot                                                     Kip Brown 145.867 MPH
7. U-9 Miss Visit Tri-Cities.com                                  Jon Zimmerman 145.317 MPH
8. U-5 Graham Trucking                                               Jeff Bernard 144.551 MPH
9. 88 Degree Men                                                           J. Michael Kelly 144.407 MPH
10. U-22 Great Scott Presents                                     Mike Webster 139.678 MPH
11. U-100 Miss Beacon Plumbing                               Greg Hopp 136.615 MPH
12. U-57 Formulaboats.com                                         N. Mark Evans 130.354 MPH

Did not qualify, 0 points

13. U-25 Miss PROCRAFT                                            Ken Muscatel 129.613 MPH


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