Humann says she’s ‘truly humbled’ by support


Debi Humann, the City of Edmonds Human Resources Director fired by Mayor Mike Cooper Thursday, said
Friday afternoon she is “truly humbled” by the outpouring of support she has received from fellow employees and community members.

“I didn’t cry when I was fired but I’ve been crying all day since I started reading the comments,” Humann said, referring to the growing number of posts on My Edmonds News. “I’m truly humbled and overwhelmed.”

Watch for a detailed interview with Humann on Saturday.

In a statement released by Cooper Thursday, he said that he “no longer had confidence in her ability to do the job and to work effectively with me.”

Rumors started appearing on Facebook Thursday morning that Humann had been fired. When asked for comment, Cooper issued the following statement via email to My Edmonds News:

“Debi Humann is no longer employed by the City. This is not a decision that came lightly but a change was needed.

“The city’s ability to function relies on a relationship between the Mayor and staff that is based on the highest level of trust and confidentiality. That level of trust has deteriorated to a place where I no longer had confidence in her ability to do the job and to work effectively with me. In order to have the public trust the city needs a committed staff that maintains that highest level of trust with the mayor and council.”

Humann has worked for the City of Edmonds since 1999, when she was hired as a receptionist in the Human Resources Department. Since that time, she has served as a human resources assistant, analyst, manager and director.

Cooper, who was appointed by the Edmonds City Council following long-time Mayor Gary Haakenson’s resignation in June 2010, is facing a tough election battle against former Edmonds City Council President Dave Earling.


  1. I have no way of knowing the full and true details of this situation. I have, though, observed that Mayor Cooper is a patient and reasonable man who has had a exemplary career of serving in positions requiring teamwork and doing so very successfully.

    And during my own career I frequently noted that its best to not have turf battles with those appointed over ones self. The junior position almost invariably always loses.

    While I feel badly for any employee terminated especially in our current economic situation, my support has to remain with our Mayor in the absence of resonable evidence to the contrary. My vote will go to Mike Cooper!


  2. Mayor Cooper: Unlike most of the commenters above, I don’t know Debi Humann. I’m trying to stay objective, but you are making it really tough. Please show us that you are fair enough to have had a really good reason for this action. Please show us that you are smart enough to have a plan for explaining yourself. If you can’t show us that you are both fair and smart, you’re going to lose big in November.


  3. By “commenters above” I meant the many commenters in the other article. I did not intend to refer to the two comments above mine in this article.


  4. I would like to know what happened I would venture to guess it had to do with someone working for the city and whatever it was was hid from the mayor that would be my guess. He is the boss and when something happens he needs to know, Im sure he layed out all the rules to all the employees


  5. I’d like to thank Ray on Ron for such poignant and timely examples of typing out of ones rear end. Your speculations and specious logic make me shake my head so much it hurts.




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