Joan Bloom receives Sierra Club endorsement

Bloom supporters make campaign signs Wednesday

Edmonds City Council candidate Joan Bloom, running against incumbent DJ Wilson for Council Position 5, announced Wednesday that she has been endorsed by the Sierra Club.

Bloom is currently co-chair of the newly formed Tree Board and her yard has also been certified as a Backyard Wildlife Habitat.

“Because I am dedicated to the stewardship of our habitat, I will seek consultation from the Sierra Club regarding environmental issues that come before the Edmonds City Council,” Bloom said.

In addition, Bloom has been making her own yard signs, recycling signs she purchased from current City Counclmember Steve Bermeim, who is not running for re-election.


  1. Simply a beautiful sign! I am proud to say that Joan will plant one of them in my front yard.

    Edmonds citizens are indeed fortunate to have an outstanding candidate to vote for who “walks the talk” as an alternative to the current chatterbox incumbent.

  2. I knew Joan as a citizen concerned about the livability of Edmonds long before she decided to run for Council. She’s the real deal and will not be pushed around by people who forget to follow the rules, such as our previous mayor.

  3. Yes, our Sierra Club endorsement questionnaires and process are very rigorous. any candidate can request to be considered.

    What Joan Bloom is doing in her campaign is a “David amd Goliath” story. Seeking public office should not cost a candidate $30,000 to &50,000 dollars for a position in a small city.

    Thanks to our US Supreme Court rulings throughout the past two centuries, money now buys government. Joan and her supporters are trying to reclaim our democracy with a “grassroots” campaign focused on clean environment, open government, and accountability. This requires an informed citizenry. Are “We, the People” ready, willing, and able to take back our government for a better tomorrow? If we do not, then we are
    part of the problem of broken government instead of part of the solution.

  4. A big “thank you” to Sue Bauer for hosting the sign-painting event! A group of women painted signs in Sue’s sunny front yard and enjoyed the ambiance of our city’s historic downtown. The camaraderie evoked memories of my grandmother’s quilting bees.

    Each sign is unique piece of art, and you are welcome to claim one for your yard. The signs are free. The value – priceless.

  5. I so much wish I had been there! Please feel free to put a sign in my yard, Joan. Edmonds will only be better for having you on the City council. Your knowledge, your intellect and your grace will bring a lot to the council and I know that Edmonds can only go forward with you, Lora and Diane on board.


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