Statement from Mayor Mike Cooper Sunday regarding State Auditor


Updated with information on Kim Cole’s resignation.

Edmonds Mayor Mike Cooper released the following statement Sunday afternoon, and we wanted to share it:

“While I am unable to discuss the details of Debi Humann’s departure from the City of Edmonds it is important for me to address the issue involving the State Auditor.

“The State Auditor did contact Interim Finance Director Jim Tarte asking to audit, not investigate, the time sheets of one employee. Ms Humann and Mr. Tarte both informed me of this call and I directed them to have the auditor contact me directly and the city would fully cooperate. In fact, I suggested to Mr. Tarte that in the interest of open and effective government we would like the auditor to review our process of completing exception hours records and accompanying policies for all exempt employees. Our policies are a decade old and have warranted review”

My Edmonds News asked Mayor Cooper if he could confirm the name of the employee that prompted the audit, and he said he would “review that with Mr Tarte and the auditor to find out the details of the audit.” Cooper said that he is out of town Monday and Tuesday, but will follow up Wednesday.

In other city news, Cooper’s executive assistant, Kim Cole, confirmed in an email to My Edmonds News Sunday that she resigned her position last Thursday, Sept. 22. Cole said that she is under instruction from her attorney not to comment further but that a statement from legal counsel will be released soon.



  1. YES-we need a change!!!! Something is going on in city government and more than an audit is needed. Until Edmonds city financials are made transparent (where the general population can understand them) I will not vote for ANY levies.


  2. Yes Michael, democracy and our system of justice are painfully slow. Dictatorships and lynch mobs by contrast are remarkable fast and efficient. To quote Winston Churchill:

    Indeed, it has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.


  3. I see a definite need for total change in the city’s governance. For too long have the citizens of Edmonds been subjected to a contentious council and mayoral relationship and I for one am happy to get to cast my vote for change.




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