Wayne Purser completes 365 Days in Edmonds!


    Congratulations to Edmonds Realtor Wayne Purser, who on Wednesday completed his final video  — number 365 — in his 365 Things to Do in Edmonds series. Purser has spent every day for the past year chronicling via video camera interesting places and people in Edmonds, and My Edmonds News decided to turn the camera on him for some final words.


    1. Wayne…you are AWESOME…you highlighted the Edmonds dog park or O.L.A.E. two times!

      O.L.A.E. (Off-Leash Area -Edmonds) is a non-profit group formed in 2005 and was organized to steward the park and allow us to educate users as to why it is important to pick up “poo”, expecially since our venue is on the Puget Sound and so by extension, we are Shore Stewards as well.

      Wayne, you are a wonderful and kind person and we hope to see you at our Halloween Howl Event this year on October 15th from 11 to 2 as last year when you first came we were day 52 on your calendar; so we know we won’t make it on your calendar this year.

      Cheers Wayne…you have made us love Edmonds more and documented it as well. Woof, aaargggh, woof and thanks you!




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