We’ve been nominated: Evening Magazine’s Best Neighborhood Blog


Wow: We just found out that someone nominated My Edmonds News for the KING-TV’s “Evening Magazine” Best of Western Washington contest in the category of “Best Neighborhood Blog.”

If you want to vote for us, you can do so here: http://best.king5.com/my-edmonds-news/biz/632833

And while you’re there, check out all the other wonderful Edmonds businesses that have been nominated and vote for them too!





  1. Teresa,

    I voted but not sure if KING-TV’s voting site is working. My comment: Teresa Wippel is an experienced reporter who is everywhere that anything is happening in Edmonds. A lot of people I know read and comment. Edmonds businesses would be wise to advertise in My Edmonds News!

  2. My Edmonds News now has my vote: My comments stated that this new service is filling a void in local news, and so far appears to be fair to all and unbiased in its reporting.


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