Burlington Northern railroad utility work set for Main Street starting next week


In preparation for a second track installation by Burlington Northern Railroad, work will begin Oct. 31 on adjusting City of Edmonds utilities at the existing track on Main Street.

Burlington Northern railroad staff have requested the use of the parking portion of Bracketts Landing Park located north of the ferry dock from approximately Oct. 27-Nov. 23, to stage materials and equipment for the project. The closure will apply only to parked vehicles; the railroad says it will strive to keep pedestrian access open at all times.

Unforeseen conditions or inclement weather may extend the completion date. The project will have flaggers present between 6 a.m.-5 p.m. but those hours could be extended as construction efforts indicate. It will involve night work on as many as 14 nights — see attached preliminary schedule here — to avoid interference with ferry and rail traffic.

Ferry commuters should check with Washington State Ferries for any change to the routes.

One Reply to “Burlington Northern railroad utility work set for Main Street starting next week”

  1. Nine COAL trains a mile long each coming through our community EVERY day will leave a trail of destruction that we will not even be able to imagine…….Anybody that thinks coal is clean needs to get their heads out of the 1930s! Go to the museum and pick up a piece of coal and then you tell me if it looks like it could in ANY way be made “clean”

    Just a few of the MAJOR things that will be affected, our HEALTH (do we even want ANY cold dust coming off the trains in our lungs! EVERY TWO HOURS), our wildlife, which will die away with a slow death, our economy, which will no longer exist because people will NOT want to visit here (I certainly don’t see Virginia or any of the coal areas in our country being popular tourist/visitor destinations for people…..in fact, just the opposite….NOBODY goes there unless they have to!, and our values for housing, etc. will totally tank as usually only people that are desperate because of poverty live in these areas in our country.
    The people of Edmonds and surrounding communities need to stand up now to STOP THE COAL coming through our communites here.




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