Coffee with Harry: Another candidate forum this Friday morning — Council Position 6

Frank Yamamoto
Alvin Rutledge

The next Coffee with Harry will be at 9 a.m. this Friday morning at Chanterelle restaurant, 316 Main Street. The third “meet the candidates coffee” will highlight candidates for Edmonds City Council Position 6. Frank Yamamoto has confirmed his attendance and we are hoping to receive confirmation from the other candidate, Alvin Rutledge.

As we head into the final stretch for this year’s election, we are hoping to have coffees with all the candidates before your ballots are sent. Our plan is to schedule the last two events — Lora Petso vs. Darlene Stern and Diane Buckschnis vs. Bob Wilcox — in the evening, and are shooting for next Wednesday and Thursday. As soon as we receive final confirmation from all candidates, we will post the information here.

The format will be the same as previous Coffees. Chanterelle provides regular coffee for free; food and fancy coffee is on your own dime. Everyone is free to agree and or disagree with others at Coffee, but you need to be respectful and let each other make their own points.


  1. Don’t forget to stop by Chanterelle tomorrow at 9:00 asnd meet up with Frank Yamamoto. See what he is all about. Why should he be on the council;? Ask him.

    Unfortunately Al Rutledge is not going to be able to attend.


  2. Thanks for the update, Harry. Unfortunate that Mr. Rutledge can’t make it. Karen, you make a good point. If you are new to My Edmonds News, you wouldn’t know the history of Harry, otherwise known as “Citizen Harry,” an Edmonds resident who served on the 2010 Citizens Levy Committee and who hosts these coffees with candidates as a public service to the community.




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