Edmonds woman publishes book about her decade-long adventure in Italy


Edmonds resident Judith Works has just published an e-book ,”Coins in the Fountain,” that chronicles her 10 years working in Italy for the United Nations. Works volunteers for the Friends of the Edmonds Library, is on the steering committee for the Write on the Sound conference and serves on the board of directors for Edmonds Center for the Arts.

Here’s a sneak peak at the plot:

When the author and her husband began to stare boring middle age in the face, they knew that something needed to happen. Then a chance meeting in Portland, Ore. turned into a four-year contract with the UN in Rome. They ran away to the Circus (Maximus), dropping into a new lifestyle where boredom was long forgotten. Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations provided Stoic advice as the husband confronted strange vegetables in his struggle to learn to cook while the wife navigated the peculiarities of working in an international environment. In between, they made new friends, met odd characters, ate marvelous food and survived adventures including a collision with the Carabinieri and a near miss in the subway.

When the contract was over, they threw coins into the Trevi Fountain hoping for a return. Back in the U.S., this time in Washington D.C., they longed for vine-covered restaurant terraces where lunch-time pasta had just been made by nonna, fields were filled with red poppies and the pleasures of history were on their doorstep. Fate stepped in again to provide six additional years of a dolce vita. Now there was time to make further explorations of the Italian scene including more luscious food, wedding rituals, music, friendship with a mysterious count and his wife with her butt-reducing machine, the delights of travel in the South including sailing, and visits to Etruscan country not so far from Rome. The coins they threw in the fountain at the end of their Italian intermezzo ensure continued visits to beautiful Rome.

You can find “Coins in the Fountain” on Amazon.com. Visit the book’s website and click on the book cover to access. It is not available in hard cover.

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