Election 2011: How will you vote?


Please note that this is in unscientific poll aimed at gauging public sentiment prior to the Nov 8, 2011 election. You can find the complete “for” and “against” arguments for each measure on the drop-down menu of our Election Watch 2011 page.


  1. Unless I’m missing something, the poll seems to be broken. It only allows me to vote for a single proposition or against one, but not both. So I can’t say I’m voting for one of them and against 2 others.

    Also, there’s a typo where it refers to proposition 2 as proposition s.


  2. Looking at the percentages it is easy too see the the percentages expressed are measured against the total. The last that I saw there were 113 total votes and for example there were 29 voting against prop 1 or 29.66% of the total votes cast. Another way to look at the data would be to note that 39 people cast a vote for one of the options listed for Prop 1 29 voted no or 74.36%. I will let someone else do the rest of the math.

    There is another poll that was sent out by Michael Plunkett and in that email transmission he said the results would be shared with those taking the poll. If MP follows through and releases the data I will make them available to MEN to publish if approprate.

    What is not know with the polling above is why people are voting as they are. In these blogs for example many people say they are not going to vote for any levy and then go on to say things like, “until council can show how they will spend the money” or something like that. Interestingly when it comes to something like the Street levy the entire amount will be spend to street overlays. Council or the administration do not have a way to use the money for anything other than street overlays. So using an argument about how council or others could spend the money in other ways or some other trust issue is odd. By setting the streets levy as a targeted 3 year plan to do something exactly as planned the levy committee wanted to give the people the opportunity to decide do we want to do streets or not.

    I would hope that those who want to vote against streets vote no for a reason other than a “no vote on govt, or the council, or the administration’. Vote no because you do not want street overlays. I fail to see how voting no on streets will accomplish any of the desires to be anti govt or whatever.

    We have 40,000+ citizens, 20,000+ voters, 13,000+ who typically vote. We have 7 council members and a city govt of 200+ employees. So the 7 council members, 6 in the case of streets (DJ voted No), decided to give the citizens the opportunity to decide do we want to spend some money on streets or not. 7, ops 6, are giving the 13,000+ voters the opporting to make a decision is really democracy in action. Pretty transparent, open and all that.

    So if you plan to vote no please do it for the right reasons. This is our town and does not belong to just the 7 council members and 200 employees.

    If you are truly interested what each levy will do you should come to the session sponsered by MEN on Oct 17. You will hear the people who put the Pro statements together for each levy and you can also here the Con Team present their case. Then you can make an informed decision on each levy standing on its own or not. Your choice.


  3. Darrol;

    I wish you would have spent your time running for Council instead, All these Props are going to fail. I learned my lesson, no new taxes during the giant recession. Utility rates maybe, nothing else. The car tab poll on My Edmonds News was pretty close to the actual result last November. By the way to get the actual result of the poll, just multiply by 3 everyone.



  4. I emailed Michael Plunkett last night for a status update of when the poll he conducted would be released. I will let you know his response.




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