Picnic Point is focus of power outages; PUD expects ‘relatively quick fix’

Updated at 8:14 p.m.

Power has been restored to all but 511 of the 3,560 customers affected by Friday night’s power outage in the Picnic Point area, Snohomish County PUD spokesman Mike Thorpe said. Crews “are still working out there” to bring power back to the remaining homes, he added.

Updated at 7:01 p.m.

We just learned from Snohomish County PUD that the power outage is in the Picnic Point area affecting 3,560 customers.

“Crews are on their way out and they expect and hope that it will be a relatively quick fix,” PUD spokesman Mike Thorne said.

A total of 6,800 Snohomish County PUD customers are without power in various areas, but the Edmonds outage is the largest, Thorne said.


If you’re without power Friday evening, the Snohomish County PUD told My Edmonds News that there are several “small outages” in Edmonds neighborhoods, the results of wind gusts and tree branches falling on power lines.

A spokesperson couldn’t immediately confirm the exact neighborhoods where power outages occurred, or when power would be restored, but said he would get back to us within a half hour to provide more details.


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  1. It’s 6:45pm and our power is still out…wondering if anyone has heard anything about it coming back on ? Thanks.

    • Sara — what neighborhood do you live in? I’m expecting a call back from PUD and I’ll ask about it. He had no information on specific neighborhoods or time of repair when I talked to him.

  2. The PUD has an article covering when it’s appropriate to call about an outage:


    If you can determine that the outage is only a few houses, you should call in case they don’t know yet.

  3. It’s 10pm now and there is still no power at Firdale Village Apartment complex on 244th St SW in Edmonds, we have over 20 buildings with 12 units in a bldg, so that’s over 200 units. I hope we get power soon. It’s pitch black.

    • Teresa – I hope you called about the outage – I’m not sure if they know about that one. I spoke with PUD an hour or so ago and they were focused on Westgate area.

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