Woman says she took county-paid trips with Reardon during longtime affair


A woman who prompted a criminal investigation into Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon’s travel spending said she took multiple county-paid trips with the executive where he did little or no official business, according to our online news partner, The Seattle Times.

The woman — who has known Reardon for 20 years and asked that her name not be used — told The Seattle Times on Wednesday that she took the trips during a longtime affair with Reardon, who is married.

The woman, a county employee, said she took the trips to U.S. cities where Reardon ostensibly was attending conferences. When asked what the two did, she said, “Not much. He wasn’t working.”

On Wednesday night, Reardon denied any criminal wrongdoing.

You can read the complete Seattle Times story here.


  1. Aaron Reardon seemed to be the sweetheart of Snohomish County. But the minute I heard about the investigation I changed my vote.
    I agree with Ron B. that it is hard for some of this to not be true. I certainly believe in the justice system “innocent until proven guilty” but how many times have we heard those famous words “I will be exonerated” or “denied any wrong doing”. Please!
    In my opinion, if you are innocent but put yourself in the position to be accused of something like this then shame on you!


  2. I voted for Reardon also because I think he has done a good job for Snohomish County.
    We all know he can be a bit of an ass but his good qualities appeared to me to out weigh his flaws. But not this. If it is true we need to serve this up as a message to all those who enter the political arena. Were going to find out and you will be disgraced.
    Beware the third term.


  3. Ron:
    I thought this was his third term?
    These people that get into this kind of trouble must have family issues that
    make it very difficult to govern. Everyone loses. Lets hope it’s not true however
    my gut is rumbling when I say that.




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