A plea — and a petition — to save Robin Hood Lanes

    Kayla Terrano, 11, left, and Kayla Hopper, 12, were at the Westgate QFC Monday gathering signatures from local residents opposed to closing Edmonds' only bowling alley, Robin Hood Lanes, to make way for a Walgreens store. Kayla's mother Teri Terrano, an avid bowler, has started the petition drive that she hopes will help save the 51-year-old Edmond's landmark. Walgreens has applied for a permit to build a new store on the current bowling alley property at Edmonds Way and 100th Avenue West. (Photo by Chuck Woodbury)


    1. We don’t need another Walgren in the Edmonds area. We have Bartels and also
      we don’t need another bank with another bank next door. Our development committee can find other businesses for the area than repeating the ones we already have.

    2. Robinhood Lanes is one of the last family hangouts. My kids have bowled league there on Saturday mornings for years and my husband and I bowl there as well. We have been to many birthday parties and community gatherings there as well. Another Walgreens? Really? How many drug stores do we need?

    3. @Ryan, its not really a petition, more a poll of the Edmonds community to see what they want. Feel free to stop by Robinhood Lanes this week and sign your name! Also, you can show support by joining our facebook page “Robinhood Lanes against Walgreens”. Just send a friend request there and I will add you! Great comment by D. Moran, our Edmonds development committee needs to know what our community wants and doesn’t want. We should have a say :).

    4. There are very few bowling allies left in the entire Tacoma/Seattle/Everett area!! We do NOT need another drug store. Bartell’s around the corner is not overly busy. We really don’t want or need another drug store that close. Robin Hood Lanes is an Edmonds institution!! It has a lot of Edmonds history. Keep it!!

    5. I definitely don’t think we need another drugstore down there. They have a Bartell Drugstore right across the street and it’s already busy enough around there, why would we want to get rid of the bowling alley?? We have enough Walgreen’s in the area, we don’t need another one!! i say no to Walgreen’s!

    6. We definitely do NOT need another drugstore or bank in Edmonds! Let’s work together as a community and say NO to tearing down Robin Hood Lanes, an Edmond’s institution. For many years, my family has been laughing, cheering and bonding at Robin Hood Lanes. Walgreens is a ruthless company and does not belong in our family-friendly community where we need healthy outlets for our children. Please let your NO be heard!

    7. Robinhood Lanes must stay. Mike, Tim, Terry, Charlie, and the rest of the Robinhood’s merry men run a great family sports center. I started bowling in leagues in 1969 and love the sport of bowling as competition and recreation. Unlike other bowling venues, the Robinhood crew dress the lanes and keep it simple. Bartell’s is just across the street and Walgreens is unwanted and unnecessary. Yes to families and better bowling, and NO to redundant drugstores. Walgreens need to line their pockets elsewhere.

    8. We do NOT need another corporate entity in our town at the expense of a favorite family hangout! We do NOT want to be Pottersville!! Walgeens posted earnings of over $554 MILLION in the this first fiscal quarter- they can live without taking a corner of our town and running locally-owned Bartell’s out of business.

    9. Robinhood Lanes has been a wonderful Edmonds landmark and a supportive member of the community. Unfortunately, bowling isn’t as popular as it used to be and I can understand why there would be financial pressure to find another use for the property, but do we really need another drug store? If they absolutely have to replace the bowing venue with something else, why not a hardware store? Everyone I talked with was extremely disappointed when Ace had to close. Barring that, I hope there’s a way to save this landmark as a family friendly hangout.

    10. Edmonds was SO fortunate to get PCC and Dick’s. We surely don’t need another pharmacy. What we do need is some amazing person to take a chance and either buy or infuse money into RobinHood Lanes to keep it going. We all know a lot of businesses are having to close down. I like the pragmatic approach of a hardware store, with a nursery! Pray for an Edmonds kind of solution!

    11. The only way to keep the bowling alley open is to give them more business. Bowling alleys have probably seen a decline in bowlers. No matter how many petitions or polls you sign, if you don’t actually bowl there, then it means nothing. I’m not trying to be a jerk. It’s just how business works.

      So show your support for Robin Hood Lanes and go bowling!

    12. Several bowling alleys have closed in North Seattle and now kids are into more trouble because of it. This a great place for families and kids looking for something to do on any given day. A bowling Alley may seem run down and smell old.. But that’s the beauty of it. My family has been bowling at Robinhood since it first opened. My great aunts and uncles are still on a league there and the rest of us go there fo fun ! Closing this place would be a HUGE,HUGE mistake!

    13. I’ve lived in Edmonds most of my life, graduated from Edmonds-Woodway (where I met my wife), and have recently purchased our first home in the Westgate Neighborhood. It would be fair to say that I’m rooted deep in this community. A community I fear is being steered in the wrong direction.

      Edmonds has a charm that can’t be recreated (see Mill Creek Town center). We’re a classic little town with traditions, amazing views, wonderful restaurants, and true down town full of fantastic family run shops/boutiques. It was sad to see the iconic Mill Town “Revamped” and now sits mostly empty.

      Now, the historic Robin Hood Lanes is in jeopardy being replaced by of all things another bank and another drug store. This couldn’t be more tragic. Robin Hood Lanes is a strong-well established part of our community. It provides a safe place for teens to gather, birthday parties for children, leagues for seniors, and one more thing that makes Edmonds, Edmonds.

      We all know what “An Edmonds Kind of Day” means. But how much longer will it be until “An Edmonds Kind of Day” will become “An Edmonds Kind of Day to Go To the Bank and Drug Store Because There’s Nothing Left To Do In A Now Charmless Town?” I won’t be buying that bumper sticker. I also won’t be buying this garbage about business development. There is not a need or niche for another Drug store or Bank, so to allow more to enter would be pointless. It drives no more taxes for our city. People will buy their hair color no matter what; an additional Walgreens does not create a new demand for drug store products.

      I hope that the powers that be can pull their head out of the fog and get some real clarity. For the sake of our Edmonds, let us all hope they deny the permits to build a Walgreens.

    14. My wife and I just put an offer on a house in the Sherwood Forest neighborhood. One of the things we thought was charming about it was the Robin Hood bowling lanes!

      Hope it gets to stay.

    15. I started bowling at Robinhood Lanes in 2005. I have bowled in leagues for over 32 years and I have to say that Robinhood Lanes is one of the best run lanes that I have bowled at. I moved to Idaho in 2008 and one of the things I really miss is bowling at Robinhood Lanes. I am sad to find out that Robinhood may be closing. It breaks my heart. I hope Walgreens will listen to the voice of the people!

    16. #16 & #22.
      OK guys I’m on it. My wife Mindy and I are going bowling tonight at Robinhood lanes for the first time. While I don’t think Walgreens is a good idea in that location the truth is that if the zoning allows it and the seller wants to sell their is very little we the public can do about it. The city cannot withhold a permit if all the conditions are met by the applicant.
      If enough residents signed a petition notifying Walgreens that we will not shop their we may be able to scare them off. That’s the approach that has a chance.Where do I sign.

    17. I’m new to Edmonds and do NOT want a Walgreen’s where the Robinhood Lanes sits now. Please, no, no, no! Keep Edmonds a community and not a strip mall.


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