State Health Department recognizes emergency cardiac care at Swedish/Edmonds


The Washington State Department of Health has certified Swedish/Edmonds — along with three other Swedish campuses — to provide emergency cardiac care services to patients throughout the Puget Sound region. Swedish/Edmonds and Swedish/Cherry Hill received Level 1 designations and Swedish/First Hill and Swedish/Ballard received Level 2 designations.

The state health department recently developed the emergency cardiac system to provide a consistent, statewide certification program that recognizes the level of emergency care available to cardiac patients in medical facilities across Washington state.

The Level 1 designation for Swedish/Edmonds and Swedish/Cherry Hill signifies that both campuses have the full range of equipment and staffing to provide 24/7 percutaneous (catheter-based) cardiac interventions as a provision of the Level 1 emergency cardiac care designation.

“Heart attacks are caused by the sudden blockage of a heart artery. Opening these blocked vessels promptly by placing stents markedly reduces the amount of heart damage that occurs,” said Jeff Westcott, M.D., medical director of the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory at Swedish Heart & Vascular Institute. “It is very important for patients who think they might be having a heart attack to call 911 right away – time is heart muscle. At Swedish we are dedicated to providing the best care for heart attacks in the region.”

Swedish/First Hill and Swedish/Ballard were designated Level 2 cardiac centers indicating that these sites can provide intermediate and immediate medical therapy to stabilize patients before transferring them to Level 1 facilities for further intervention and treatment.

One goal of the new health department certification system is to make available a participating hospital no more than an hour away from every citizen. A second goal is to get heart-attack and stroke patients the necessary treatment at the most appropriate medical facility in less than 120 minutes.

More information is available online from the State Department of Health.


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