Suggestions for ‘Everything Edmonds’ gift baskets


Here, Maggie Fimia of Edmonds offers her suggestions for gift baskets made with items available in downtown Edmonds. Send us your ideas — and your photos of your Shop Edmonds adventures — and we’ll include them as part of our Shop Edmonds for the Holidays campaign!

Give an “Everything Edmonds” basket as gifts for Christmas, Hanakah, Birthdays or Anniversaries. It’s fun to pick a theme that matches the person you’re buying for.

Movie Buff Basket: Pop up to Petosas for their best popcorn and candy; bop over to the Edmonds Bookshop for a book on films or biographies of actors; mosey over to the Edmonds movie theater for some gift certificates!

Basket of Goodies: That’s easy! We have a wine shop, with lots of fun accessories; a cheese shop where you can buy outrageous goodies to go with the cheese; two great tea shops in town, a bakery, candy store – with cupcakes and numerous coffee shops and of course, Petosas’ with aisles of food full of delicious specialties.

Celebrating Nature Basket:  Start at the Just Frogs Toads Too! Foundation on the waterfront – they sell wonderful toys and stuffed animals with an amphibian theme;  trek over to the toy store for books, games and activities about nature and science. Finish at the card shop where you can find a fun photo album where photos of nature can be preserved and shared.

Bakers Basket: Browse the Bountiful Home gift shop on 4th in Edmonds for baking supplies and wonderful aprons; the Wooden Spoon on 5th has just about every gadget, baking dish, cookbooks and supplies you’ll need.

Edmonds even has a perfect place to buy your basket – The “Fabric of Life” on Main!

6 Replies to “Suggestions for ‘Everything Edmonds’ gift baskets”

  1. As the owner of Nama’s Candy Store I would like to say that we are proud to sell Frosted cup cakes and have Stefanie and her creations as an integral part of our business.
    As the President of the Downtown Edmonds Merchants Association I would like to say Thank You for this article about shopping local and mentioning some of the fun items that are available in our great town. I encourage our residents to shop first within the borders of Edmonds and support all of our fantastic local business owners.
    Pat McKee


  2. Here here. And if you’re not shopping locally at least give the smaller businesses a shot before resorting to the big corporations. You might just be keeping someone off of the unemployment line.


  3. Thanks Maggie! You said it so well. And it doesn’t even mean spending more by shopping in our local shops. We all strive to offer a variety of price points in unusual choices. At my shop, you can find numerous items under $25, with prices starting at $3. We have some great gift basket ideas too: Pamper Yourself with Artisan Soaps and Lotions, Wine & Cheese Lovers Basket, Entertainer’s Basket, Stay Warm Basket, and more!


  4. I think “Everything Edmonds Baskets” would be a hit with shoppers. Are there any creative, industrious students out there who could work with the Chamber and Downtown Merchants to put together 10 or so baskets and then display and sell them in high foot traffic areas? A pilot project of sorts?
    Mine are grown and gone, otherwise I would volunteer them!



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