Edmonds Military Wire: ‘You pee for me, Marine’


By Michael Schindler

Very rarely do I publish anything that is “opinion-related.” Come to think of it, this is likely the first time so I feel a bit like the recently deceased Andy Rooney doing this. But in light of the recent “uprising” over a few Marines urinating on a few Taliban corpses, I thought it only appropriate to at least address it, which is like an Andy Rooney thing to do.

And as I was searching my soul to best determing how to do this while maintaining some sense of impartiality (I say this tongue-in-check), I received not one, but two emails highlighting an opinion by Bob Lonsberry, a 25 year veteran newsman who is the recipient of more than 80 journalism and broadcasting awards. And so, I now share this “opinion” with you:

You pee for us all.
This has to do with the video that popped up yesterday. It’s 40 seconds, and it shows four Marines standing above the bodies of some dead Taliban.

Peeing on them.

“Have a great day, buddy,” one of the Marines says to the corpse at his feet.

Let’s review.

America is at war with militant Islam. In Afghanistan, the Taliban is militant Islam. In Afghanistan, the Taliban gave refuge and support to Al Qaeda as it prepared the attacks of September 11. In Afghanistan, the Taliban works around the clock to put American servicemen in their graves.

The Taliban is the bad guys.

And the United States Marines are the good guys.

And this is much ado about nothing.

Because the brass are crapping their pants.

“This is egregious, disgusting behavior,” said Pentagon spokesman Capt. John Kirby. “It turned my stomach.”

Kirby’s branch of the service is not listed, but I’m guessing it’s Girl Scouts.

It turned his stomach?

We are a nation at war. We’ve had thousands of Americans die. We’ve brought hundreds of thousands home with losses of limb and mind, and THIS turns his stomach?

That’s not exactly a warrior spirit.

And it makes you wish that men like those urinating Marines were running this operation.

But they are not.

And they will be crucified.

Because our military establishment specializes in throwing young GIs under the bus. Any number of desk jockeys and political generals are glad to backstab as many warriors as they can. In the White House and at the Pentagon, the god of political correctness is fed with the frequent sacrifice of young soldiers’ careers.

You send people to war, but heaven help them if they act like it. Hamstrung by Marquis of Queensbury rules in a bar fight with savages, our GIs are attacked by enemy fighters on one side and government lawyers on the other.

It’s a funny game where no one has their back.

Except the American people.

Which gets me back to my point.

You pee for us all, Marine.

That group of Camp Lejeune snipers is condemned by the political generals, but embraced by the American people.

Because that’s what you get when you screw with the United States of America. You get a bullet through the brainpan, and we’re going to line up to spit on the pieces.

Unless we have a full bladder.

And show the YouTube far and wide, as a warning to your pals. This is what it means to mess with America. The pantywaists in the Pentagon might want to win your hearts and minds, but the men pulling the triggers want to snap your freaking necks.

And some 310 million real Americans feel the same way. Mess with the best, die like the rest. The sooner the better, the more the merrier, and don’t be surprised if it’s not holy water you get sprinkled with.

Real people aren’t bothered by this.

Real people believe this is how war should be fought.

Real people think that we’ve pussyfooted around long enough, it’s time to make the rubble bounce. Pull the B52s out of the barn and let’s light those mo-fos up.

And real people are sick and tired of the feigned indignation coming out of the Pentagon and White House. Life is not group therapy and war is not run by “Robert Rules of Order.” War is where you kill people and break the will of a society.
War is where you make the other guy cry “Uncle.”

Ask the people of Hiroshima and Dresden.

Or Atlanta, for that matter.

You attack the United States and you die. You die ugly. There are only two sure winners – us and the maggots. And any people, nation or religion that can’t stand that heat should stay the hell out of the kitchen.

So if you don’t want to be blown to bits and pieces, and pissed on by fine examples of American manhood, then you better stay home with mama. You better lay off the jihad. You better learn some manners and mind your Ps and Qs.

Because Lady Liberty is shaking her fist.

And that’s not just some words in a song.

That’s our pledge.

We’re going to kill you, and we’re going to cheer the men who do it.

And the rest of you goat-bearded savages better shake in your sandals, because those Marines pee for us.

And they’re coming for you next.

– by Bob Lonsberry © 2012

Yes. Yes, I know. I am to remain impartial and report only the news. I broke protocol. Let me just say, for the record, that withwearing the uniform comes a high degree of expectation and professionalism — this act did not display that. That being said, I probably would have been in the video. Well said, Bob.

Michael Schindler, Navy veteran, and president of Edmonds-based Operation Military Family, is a guest writer for several national publications, author of the book “Operation Military Family” and “The Military Wire” blog. He is also a popular keynote and workshop speaker who reaches thousands of service members and their families every year through workshops and seminars that include  “How to Battle-Ready Your Relationship” or “What Your Mother-in-Law Didn’t Tell You.”  He received the 2010 Outstanding Patriotic Service Award from the Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs.



  1. agreed- bring out aunt spooky
    USAF – – ’75
    gr Father NAVY -WW |
    aunt ( ). ARMY. WW|| GERMANY MP
    aunt ( ) ARMY WW||
    cousin flyboy ARMY Viet nam
    brother MARINES — ’74


  2. The behavior exhibited by the urinating soldiers will just perpetuate the cycle of hatred against America, putting other Americans in harm’s way, soldiers and ordinary citizens. No one expects the soldiers to be crying over their enemies, but this desecrating behavior reflects poorly on what we say we stand for.


  3. Agree with Mr. Jurewicz. I’m proud to be a citizen of the greatest nation on earth and this type of behavior is beneath us and an embarrassment to us all.


  4. Anger, hatred and fear lead to retaliation, and disrespecting the “other” leads to more violence. Afgans were invaded by the US and many Americans are asking why we are still there risking the lives of our youth.
    I’m a proud American too and want our values respected. And respect does not involve desecrating the bodies of Afgans.


  5. hmmm….interesting. When one looks back on Vietnam and the tactics used to put fear into the enemy, this display of behavior is mild. While I don’t justify the behavior, we need to remember that we are at war. War is not pleasant. War is…well, simply put, war. We need to remember that our enemy is out to kill us. Our soldiers are on the frontlines, sacrificing much more than what most people care to remember. Having friends who have served in Afghanistan and Iraq, who dealt with what the enemy not only did to our soldiers but to their own people, what these soldiers did was tame. I don’t question anyone’s patriotism here…but I challenge you to remember the context in which this was done.


  6. I would be happy to comment endlessly on this topic. However, with the exception of a couple of the responses it is painfully obvious that my comments would fall on deaf ears. The general public does not understand the military in general and the horrors of war in particular. Walk in the shoes of the 1% of the few who step up to the plate and serve their country and then get back to me.

    United States Marine Corps


  7. As a veteran of the Vietnam era (non combatant). I will add my voice to those whose position is war is hell.

    If you feel our enemies care about our values or how we project our values, I strongly disagree. Our enemies are only interested in killing us and taking away our assets and burying us and our values.

    The young men and women who volunteer to fight our wars are put through a rigorous training regime that is designed to make them killers and warriors and to help them survive the war they will fight to protect our way of life and values. They are then deployed to hostile environments where they see friends and comrades in arms killed and maimed by a cowardly enemy that masquerades as civilians while they snipe and bomb our warriors. Our combatants are not perfect, but they are our warriors. So they pi**ed on the dead enemy who had tried to kill them. They are trained to kill and celebrate the death of our enemies. They do not work in PR. They are warriors, trained to kill and they are damn proud of what they do. As well they should be.

    Maybe some missed the filmed celebrations of our enemy after 9/11. Do you think they cared about our opinion of their values? War is Hell! Those who wish to destroy us, our enemy, and those who wish to protect our enemies, deserve nothing more than death. There is no middle ground in battle, you die or you survive.

    Veterans returning from this war are taking their own lives at an alarming rate.

    You want to get behind a cause? Get behind helping these warriors as they return to the world of civilian life as we know it. Thank them, help them find work, help them find personal help if needed. They need and deserve our help and thanks, not our criticism for doing their job and perhaps overstepping civility. There is no civility in WAR!


  8. The bleeding hearts and do gooders never seem to remember the masters of horrific events like beheading, gential mutilation, prisioner torture, burnning of american dead and dragging and hanging displays of American bodies was done by the other folks very early on in this current conflict. Those events must not have upset them as much as Marines taking a leak on those folks who were a little earlier trying to kill them. At least they didn’t scalp them or something for crying out loud!

    I agree with Tom Howell, we could talk forever and still not get through to the other submitters on this subject. Not a one of them has probably ever been even remotely in a situation like our fighting men and women are every day. The only disgust people like the whiners and criers above should feel is with themselves for even existing. Maybe if they went and lived in Iraq or Afganistan, and do it without a U.S. Military presence to watch over them they might become more realistic in their view of the world.

    Retired Marine
    3 tours in Vietnam
    Grunts and Recon


  9. I just received this email from a retired Marine friend who read the ‘You pee for me, Marine’ article and it might shed some light on the whole affair.

    Normal, as always, the Gunny causes things to happen in the Marine Corps. Marines obey the Gunny.
    A great deal has been going around the internet lately concerning the “alleged” desecration of three Taliban corpses by four combat hardened Marines who, it is claimed, urinated on them.
    One of those bits of input included a possible explanation for the episode. It would seem that the four Marines, immediately after an intense firefight, approached their Company Gunnery Sergeant and reported, “We’ve got three dead Taliban, Gunny. What should we do with them?”

    Now . . . here is the crux of the issue . . . this explains everything: the Gunny responded to their question by saying “Piss on ‘em. Get back to your posts!”

    So, as required, they obeyed their last command by urinating on the remains of the dead Taliban scumbags, and then they returned to their posts.

    This is really simple stuff and from this time on our military judges and lawyers should call this the “Obey The Last Command” defense. Nuff said. Maybe some day the bad guys will learn . . .

    God I love the Marine Corps, the real Marine Corps, the one made up of fighting men and women who understand things in the simplest terms, not the ones who are playing CYA and will crucify the four snipers. The real Marines are giving these snipers a discreet thumbs up and will treat the whole incident as a not a big deal, kick them in the butt, and as the Gunny said “get back to your post.”


  10. So let me get this right. It’s an honor to take a living, breathing enemy and blow his freakin’ brains out with a gun, killing him and removing him from the Earth forever. But it’s desecrating behavior to pee on a dead person who isn’t even alive.

    Do these disgusting worthless animals suddenly transform into holy copses that demand holy treatment after we blow their brains out?

    Do you really think that peeing on an enemy corpse makes them hate us any more than the fact that we turned him into a corpse in the first place? Maybe if we cleaned and dressed their corpses and worshipped them, maybe then they would just stop hating us! Do ya think?




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