Edmonds School District Students of the Month for December


Edmonds-Woodway High

Student Name: Risa Pieters
Mother’s Name: Ayako Pieters
Father’s Name: Bernardus Pieters
GPA: 3.9
Clubs & Activities: Drug and Alcohol Awareness Club, FCCLA, Soccer Coach, ASB, ASB Historian, Junior Class Treasurer, Organize Special Needs Prom
Athletics: Varsity Soccer (Captain), Volleyball
Honors: Homecoming Princess, Girls Varsity Soccer WESCO 4A League South Honorable Mention
Awards: Seattle Archdiocese Leadership in Community Service Award, Varsity Soccer Most Inspirational
Community Service:  For the last three years I have volunteered in Battambang, Cambodia and worked with girls who live in poverty and orphanages and are rescued from human trafficking. Last summer I spent two months in Cambodia teaching an English class of 23 girls, an Art class, and coaching soccer. I am also involved with Teen Feed, a soup kitchen in Seattle for homeless teenagers, where I organized my own clothing drive.
Culminating Project: Field of Study: Human Services.  Project: Organization leader helping girls rescued from slavery in third world countries
Current Employment: Soccer Referee
Future Educational Goals: International Relations
Future Career Goals: Ambassador for the United States, Work for FIFA’s Grassroots program that promotes education and sports in third-world countries to get kids out of child-labor and slavery.
Anything else we should know? I take IB Classes

Student Name:  Julien Tate Bernstein
Mother’s Name: Leah Carpenter Bernstein
Father’s Name: Darryl Scott Bernstein
GPA: 3.1
Clubs & Activities: Wind Symphony, EWHS Pep Band, EWHS Play Production, Astronomy Club.
Athletics: Boys Swim Team 2010-2011
Honors: Honors English
Awards: Most Improved Award (Boys Swim 2010-2011)
Community Service: Peer Mediation Program
Culminating Project: Recently completed culminating project through Edmonds Community College. I participated in the course in order to accomplish the requirement early and successfully. I presented to a panel of two members and had a conversation regarding papers written about skills learned during my high school career.
Current Employment: Currently seeking a job. I am in consideration for employment at Jamba Juice at the Alderwood Mall.
Future Educational Goals: Plan to attend Western Washington University with a major in behavioral neuroscience, attend post-graduate school at another prestigious university with the goal of a doctorate in psychology.
Future Career Goals: Dream job is to work in psychology, preferably practicing psychiatry and owning a small practice.
Anything else we should know? I am currently fundraising for a trip to New York over President’s Day weekend in February. The trip is through EWHS Play Production and promises incredible live performances and a chance to see the Big Apple.

Meadowdale High

Student Name: Joshua Ullerich
Mother’s Name: GayLynne Ullerich
Father’s Name: Jeffrey Ullerich
GPA: 3.958
Clubs & Activities: German Club
Athletics: Cross Country
Honors: Edmonds Rotary Student of the Month
Community Service: Neighbors In Need at Trinity Lutheran Church
Future Educational Goals: four-year university and medical school
Future Career Goals: Physician- perhaps in oncology

Student Name: Madeline Shields
Mother’s Name: Teresa Shields
Father’s Name: Patrick Shields
GPA: 3.91
Clubs & Activities: Key Club-3 years, National Honor Society-secretary junior year, Environmental Club-treasurer senior year, Chamber Orchestra- viola player
ASB: Link Crew- welcoming the freshmen-senior year
Athletics: Soccer-freshmen and sophomore year, Tennis-all four years-Tennis captain sophomore and senior year, Varsity Tennis-sophomore through senior year.
Honors: I am in National Honor Society. I am ranked 20th out of my class (as far as grades go). I have taken AP World history, AP English Language, AP US History, AP Calculus, and AP English Literature. I have taken all available honors classes.
Awards: Edmonds Rotary Student of the Month-junior year, Student of the month for Honors English- sophomore year, Student of the Month for Honors Pre-Calculus -junior year.
Community Service: Junior Counselor at Kamp Kookamunga (at Lynndale Park) during the summer of sophomore and junior year, Key Club food drives, marathon setup volunteering, campus cleanups for Environmental Club, Link Crew (welcoming the incoming freshmen)
Culminating Project: I volunteer in the Meadowdale Middle School 7th grade orchestra. I help small groups of viola and violin players play their music, scales, and learn rhythms. I also play in the group while they are playing their music to set an example for the students of how to play the music. It is challenging, but rewarding to see the growth in the young musicians.
Current Employment: I work at PCC Natural Markets in Edmonds. I have been a Courtesy Clerk since August 2010. My people skills have improved since starting this job and I have developed leadership as well.
Future Educational Goals: I have been accepted into Western Washington University so far, and I am thinking about going there to study environment or become a teacher.
Future Career Goals: I have many paths I am considering. I love the weather, so I want to become a meteorologist. But I also enjoy teaching students, so I have considered becoming an elementary school teacher. Animals have a soft spot in my heart as well and sometimes I think of becoming a veterinarian. All of these are very different so I hope through my experience in college that I will learn more about my passions and find the right path for me.
Anything else we should know? I am a restless teenager, ready to experience the world.

Scriber Lake High

Student Name: Oksana Karpinskaya
Mother’s Name: Olga Karpinskaya
Father’s Name: Peter Karpinskiy
Clubs & Activities: Taking guitar lessons after school at Scriber Lake HS
Athletics: S.O.S. Snowboard Club at Scriber Lake HS
Honors: Consistently on “green status” for good grades
Awards: Awards won for academic work in most subjects, Edmonds Daybreakers Rotary Club Hidden Winner for December 2011
Community Service: Oksana is helping her cousin with large-volume baking for an engagement party.   She created signs at Scriber Lake HS for an important meeting display window at Scriber Lake HS
Culminating Project: Learning about baking by working with a professional baker and master cook
Current Employment: Oksana works at home with responsibilities that include cooking for ten (soups, sweets, pasta, Russian foods such as one that is kind of like a pot sticker), child care for younger siblings, cleaning
Future Educational Goals: Begin at Edmonds Community College in their pastry and bakery program
Future Career Goals: Become a pastry chef or baker of sweets
Anything else we should know?
Goals: 1) Become a great guitar player, 2) Become a better artist, learning new art skills 3) Travel around the USA and visit all of the states, 4) Return to the Ukraine one day to visit, 5) Sewing projects, such as sewing a stuffed cat, 6) Learn more about the world: become smart and wise, 7) Always try new things (healthy, life-affirming)

Student Name:  Brayan Hernandez
Mother’s Name:  Gudelia Vazquez
Father’s Name: Fabian Hernandez
Clubs & Activities: Robotics, Drawing – whole room is covered in drawings, Spanish language rap artist, works with friends on this
Athletics: Holds the school record for sit-ups (1001 in one session) Works out 4-5 times per week
Honors: Has been selected for the Edmonds Exchange Club Accepting the Challenge of Excellence Award for December 2011 Consistently on “green” status, granted for good school work, No missed days last school year
Awards: Has received awards for many subjects including English, math, art and science
Community Service: Makes regular contributions to his family’s church
Current Employment: Has experience in landscaping as well as food preparation
Future Educational Goals: Will definitely go to college, not yet sure which one
Future Career Goals:  Brayan would like to do something related to art, such as architect or tattoo artist; also interested in culinary arts
Anything else we should know? He is fluent in Spanish.  Also, has overcome significant barriers

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