Even city snow plows have trouble in this weather


Tod Moles, City of Edmonds Streets and Storms manager, sent these photos of a city snow plow that became stuck Thursday on Soundview Drive just east of 76th Avenue West.

“My guys are worn from the 24 hour response so it was the (city’s) Water and Sewer crews that got the loader chained up and on site in under an hour. An awesome effort,” Moles said in an email. “The end of the story is the plow is free and back in the battle”

Moles noted that his crew ‘has maintained thru a weeklong event without any damage to the equipment or private property. I’m extremely proud of their work. I would like to add that this has been a city wide effort including the Parks staff, Water and Sewer departments as much as my Streets and Storm department. Each one has pitched in and it has been a joy to watch the crews come together as a team.”


  1. This happened right outside my house on a steep hill at a tricky curve. I have to congratulate the guys for even trying to plow this street.




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