Rallying for Robin Hood Lanes

Lewis Minaker of Edmonds signs a petition opposing the replacement of Robin Hood Lanes with a Walgreens store. (Photos by Chad Emerson)
Protesters make their feelings known to passers-by on Edmonds Way Saturday morning.

About two dozen protesters opposing a plan to replace the Robin Hood Lanes bowling alley with a Walgreens store braved the slush to hold a “Rally for the Alley” Saturday morning.


  1. I hate the idea that we’ll give up a bowling for a needless national chain pharmacy??!! There are plenty of available places within Edmonds to erect a Walgreen’s without taking out a place as cool and socially necessary as Robin Hood Lanes. We need a pharmacy in town NOT another one in Westgate. I for one will NEVER patronize Walgreen’s anywhere if this goes through.


  2. Where can I sign this petition? We have too many Walgreens already! Bowling alleys are an important part of a town. What are the kids supposed to do?


  3. Three questions for those protesting:

    (1) Have you thought of actually raising money for the bowling alley so they can buy the property?

    I highly doubt that the family who owns the property are unwilling to negotiate. I think it’s just phrased that way by the bowling alley owner because they won’t give him a price that he likes.

    If you want to keep the bowling alley, simply help the owner raise the funds necessary to meet or exceed the offer by Walgreens.

    (2) How many times have you gone to Robin Hood Lanes in the last year?

    I’m just curious.. because it sure doesn’t seem packed when I drive by. My guess is people are just nostalgic, and don’t want to see it go away. Then again, they really don’t care to go bowling once a week or even once a month.

    (3) How would feel if your neighbors tried to veto the sale of your house or car to the person willing to pay the highest value for it because they didn’t like the buyer?

    Bottom-line, it’s very easy to spend other people’s money, which is what’s trying to be done here. The owner of the bowling alley can’t afford to do business in his current location or his patrons can’t afford to bowl for the cost it would take support an alley in this location. So be it. Just move Robin Hood Lanes to a new location in a less expensive neighborhood.

    By the way, I’m not excited by having another drug store in the area. I think it’s total overkill. I’m just less excited by precedent that this would set if people can start forcing property owners to sell to only those buyers that are ‘approved’ and not to those who are willing to pay fair value and use the property in legal, respectful ways.


  4. @Angie – go to ipetition.com, type in robin hood lanes and sign!
    @Allan-Feel free to search robin hood lanes under myedmondsnews. There are several comments addressing all of the issues you pointed out. Basically, the alley is packed and successful. The landowner refuses to sell to the bowling alley even if they come up with the money. The community has every right to vote, rally, etc to save something valuable to them! We have over 2,000 signatures of people opposing the tear down of Robin Hood Lanes by Walgreens and that number is growing fast now that more people are becoming aware of this.


  5. My two cents….
    The plan calls for tearing down the bowling alley and building a multi-use site. The site indicates it will be a Walgreens and an unknown or unnamed bank.
    The Westgate area does not need another pharmacy (it has Bartells and QFC). Edmonds is a town with every bank known to man. I cannot imagine the need for another bank.
    Given what Allan said, my suggestion is for the owners of the Bowling Alley to gain revenue by applying for a liquor license to sell hard alcohol in a small section of the existing building. The current local state leased site is leaving May 31st. I for one have taken my family bowling a number of times and attended a birthday party at the bowling lanes. Last, this is commercial space so your point about trying to veto the sale of a personal home does not apply. I use Bartells and will continue to do so. I have a bank and will continue to use the one I’m currently using.




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