Walgreens permit application for replacing Robin Hood Lanes now online


The City of Edmonds has posted online the application materials submitted for a proposed Walgreens store on the current home of Robin Hood Lanes bowling alley at 9801 Edmonds Way.

Citizens are invited to view the related documents and architectural renderings here. The property developer for the proposal is Seven Hills Properties and the architect is Baysinger Partners. An as-yet-unnamed bank has also been proposed for the property.

Meanwhile, proponents of saving the existing bowling alley — who staged a “Rally for the Alley” protest last Saturday — are continuing their efforts to fight the plan via their Robinhood Lanes Against Walgreens Facebook page


  1. I am quite upset that the family “sold out” to this company and also did I hear another bank?! Walgreens is the largest drugstore chain in the US. Oh goodie, just what we need in Edmonds – a box store. We have a wonderful Bartell Drug across the street. A company that has NW/Seattle roots. I Love this company, the way they merchandise and the people that work here are always so nice and friendly. I will NEVER shop at Walgreens and encourage my friends not to as well. As for the possiblity of another bank…………just what we need!! NOT! [For me] Seeing this for 25 years coming down Edmonds Way, has always brought a smile to my face, knowing that I would soon be entering the smaller, quaint, friendly town of Edmonds. Please, don’t let it become another overgrown, spralling,” corridor town” like Bellevue! It seems as though the owning family didn’t try too hard to find alternative buyers. What a shame!

  2. Does anyone have any good ideas about how we let Walgreens know they are entering a hostile environment if they buy this property and tear down Robin Hood Lanes? I’m sure their market reseach on choosing this location didn’t anticipate that opening a store in this location with cause such a negative reaction. If we can’t stop the sellers from selling, maybe we can stop the buyers from buying.

  3. I’m curious to know what the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce has to say about all this. Perhaps I just don’t know what the aims and purposes of a Chamber are. I thought they were supporters and advocates for the independent businesses of a particular community and a link between business and the populations they serve. I don’t see how the Edmonds community is being served well in this instance.


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