Wondering if you have garbage pickup tomorrow? Here’s the scoop


With snow and ice predicted for the Puget Sound area Wednesday, Edmonds residents may be wondering whether their garbage will get picked up on schedule. We called the three local garbage companies serving Edmonds, and here’s what they told us:
Allied Waste:  No garbage service for Edmonds residents on Wednesday. Allied Waste suggests that if your route is scheduled for Wednesday, you can put out a double load of garbage the following Wednesday free of charge.
Sound Disposal: The company will check conditions Wednesday morning before deciding whether they can make all of their scheduled routes. Customers are advised to place out their cans as usual; if pickup doesn’t happen on Wednesday, garbage will be collected Thursday.
Waste Management NW: Residents should put the cans out as usual Wednesday morning although it’s unlikely a pickup will be made given current weather forecast. Waste Management also will pick up a double load of garbage next week to make up for this week’s missed pickup.


  1. Isn’t it Great to have Sound Disposal taking care of Edmonds. They bring this work ethic that was instilled by Don and Evelyn and Mom continues to support this community. I send a hardy Thanks for taking care of we citizens.


  2. The Street department wishes to apologize to those resident that got their garbage cans knocked over by the slush being plowed yesterday. We try hard to minimize the spray in those conditions, but when there is a melt off like we experienced mid day, it is imperative we take the opportunity to get the slush off the roads prior to the next freeze. Road conditions are extremely slick this morning, Be Safe!




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