Garden Club donates $12,000 toward Hazel Miller Plaza

Posing with the check, from left, are Carrie Hite, George Murray, Patti Greene, Linda Murray, Dave Earling, Jeri Schoenfeld, Diane Buckshnis, Pauline Gubbels, Nadeen Miller and Barbara Chase. (Photos by Char Blankenship)
Robert Freeborn of the Parks Department working on the plaza Tuesday.


The site of the park.

Edmonds Floretum Garden Club board members presented a $10,000 check Tuesday to Mayor David Earling and Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services Director Carrie Hite for the development of Hazel Miller Plaza in front of Old Milltown.

Floretum Garden Club President Jeri Schoenfeld was joined by officers and Garden Club members, including Pauline Gubbels, past president; Nadeen Miller, treasurer; Patti Greene, second vice president; and Linda Murray, secretary; Edmonds City Councilmember Diane Buckshnis and Barbara Chase.

Four years ago, Floretum was inspired to renovate what was known as Old Milltown Garden. One of their legacy members, Rachel Setchfield, designed the original landscape in the 1970s and maintained the garden for many years.  In 2008, the garden club started raising funds to redevelop the garden, and many members made significant individual contributions of over $1,000.

The Floretum Garden Club has committed $12,000 for the project, including a $2,000 donation for a memorial bench in Rachel Setchfield’s honor. Today, they presented a check for $10,000 to the City of Edmonds for plantings in the Plaza. “We sincerely thank the City and the Parks Department for their support and contributions in making this garden a reality,” Schoenfeld said.

Earling accepted the check on behalf of the City, telling the members how much he appreciated their work.

The park will open later this year.



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  1. Excuse me? Did I read that right? Does it really say $2,000 for a bench? Must be quite a bench! How about putting some community money into something that will make clean, fish friendly, reliable, locally produced electricity using in-state manufactured equipment and save the City money on their bill – like the Edmonds Community Solar Co-op? Buy in for our phase 2 system on the Frances Anderson Center is $1,000 and will pay you back over the next 8 years with surplus expected. The owners names will be listed at the Center and other places. This seems like a fitting tribute to a special community member or a legacy gift to kids or grandkids.




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