Edmonds mayor freezes out-of-state travel for employees


In an ongoing effort to address the City of Edmonds’ budget challenges, Mayor Dave Earling announced Wednesday that he is indefinitely suspending out-of-state travel.

According to a news release sent Wednesday morning, “city department directors and managers have been asked to carefully review all travel and training requests to ensure the necessity of the training and to look for opportunities to attend training online or in-state where possible so as to limit travel expenses.” Exceptions might be made under very limited circumstances, such as training to attain or maintain certifications required as part of the employee’s position that is not available in-state, the release said.

“Employees traveling on City business are required to travel in the least costly manner, and where possible, training and meetings are encouraged to be conducted online, via conference call or through other less costly means,” the release added.

“This is one part of an overall plan to reduce expenses of the City, look for opportunities for efficiencies, find ways to partner with other organizations and generally adapt to the reality of the current economy,” Earling said.


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