Edmonds movie theater promoting literacy while showing Dr. Seuss film

    Donors to the Edmonds Theater's book drive, which runs through Wednesday, may even see The Cat in the Hat.

    The Edmonds Theater is promoting literacy in honor of its feature of “The Lorax,” the film adaption of the beloved Dr. Seuss classic tale written in 1971.

    “We are delighted to be able to help with literacy,” said Jonquil Sherman, general manager of the theater, who added that movie goers may even run into the Cat in the Hat when they stop by. “We are asking for new children’s books to be dropped off and each donor will be rewarded with a free small popcorn and a bookmark.”

    The new books will be distributed to at-risk children who have never owned a new book, nor have any books in their home. The project is a part of the Seattle Alumnae Club of Pi Beta Phi Fraternity through Page Ahead.

    Studies shows that the number-one predictor of academic success in childhood is children who have books in the home and are read to on a regular basis, and that many of society’s problems are rooted in illiteracy.  For 100 years, Pi Beta Phi has been a pioneer of philanthropy particularly in the field of education and literacy providing tools, which support literacy skill development other preschool programs.

    Last year, Page Ahead distributed more than 160,000 new books to 55,000 children in need in 28 counties across Washington state, and many of those books were donated through Pi Beta Phi’s literacy projects.

    The Seattle Alumnae Club of Pi Beta Phi aids Page Ahead through motivational reading events to excite kids about reading, and providing books to read, share and cherish.

    The theater is located at 415 Main St., Edmonds. Book collection is through March 22.

    4 Replies to “Edmonds movie theater promoting literacy while showing Dr. Seuss film”

    1. Jonquil Sherman is great and always ready to work with schools, organizations, etc… I feel truly grateful that our town has it’s own movie theater… let’s keep it here and patronage it regularly…!



    2. Cheers for such a ‘win-win’ project combining a beloved movie and children’s’ story with a generous local business helping children. Thanks Jonquil, thanks Dr. Seuss, and thanks Page Ahead!




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