Exciting news for My Edmonds News: We have acquired MLTnews.com


My Edmonds News is proud to announce that we have acquired a second online publication in South Snohomish County: MLTnews. Publisher Dustin DeKoekkoek, who started MLTnews in spring 2009, had stopped updating the Mountlake Terrace site last fall due to the other commitments. Here is the announcement that Dustin made on the MLTNews Facebook page today, Friday:

“As most of you likely know, MLTnews.com has been on hiatus for several months. I stepped down from updating the site due to other commitments. Today I am very excited to announce that MLTnews has been acquired by Teresa Wippel, publisher of My Edmonds News. Starting early next week MLTnews.com will be up and running again, better than ever.

My Edmonds News has become the place where Edmonds residents go to get news about what’s happening in Edmonds. My Edmonds News can basically be seen as the Edmonds version of what MLTnews had become to Mountlake Terrace, an independent and objective source of information about things happening in our city. Teresa and her husband live just across Lake Ballinger from MLT, in the Lake Ballinger neighborhood of Edmonds. Teresa’s husband, Matt Waldron, is a Mountlake Terrace business owner; he has a chiropractic business in the Town Center neighborhood. Teresa has a journalism background and is personal friend of mine. I can’t think of anyone else that I would trust more to continue what I started with MLTnews.

I am equally excited that Doug Petrowski will be joining MLTnews as the editor in charge of site content. Doug has been very involved in the Mountlake Terrace community for years. He has served on several civic boards and sends his kids to our schools. Doug will do the majority of the writing as well as oversee any other contributors to the site. Doug had a short stint in journalism during college and I know the community will be able to trust him as an objective voice of MLTnews.

Thank you to all of you have been patient during the hiatus. If you’re interested in contributing, writing, advertising on the site or if you have any other questions or tips, feel free to ask here on the FB page or email info@MLTnews.com.

Dustin DeKoekkoek

“Because Mountlake Terrace and Edmonds share many common interests, including  a school district and a fire district — not to mention Lake Ballinger — I contacted Dustin when I learned he was looking for someone to take over the site,” Wippel said. “I know how important it is for a community to have a vibrant, online news source where residents can learn about and discuss issues that matter to them. It’s my goal to carry on the great work that Dustin started.”

Wippel said she is thrilled that Petrowski, a long-time Mountlake Terrace resident, will serve as MLTnews editor. “Doug is passionate about his community and will do a fantastic job,” she said.

News content will be updated on the site through this weekend, with publication of new articles by Monday morning, she added.

Businesses interested in advertising on MLTnews can contact info@mltnews.com or call Wippel directly at 425-772-3056. Special introductory advertising packages will be available for those businesses who want to advertise on both MLTnews and My Edmonds News, Wippel said.



  1. As a daily reader of My Edmonds News, and a former resident for 40 years in Mountlake Terrace, we’rre delighted to see this opportunity for MLT. Hopefully the City and The School will utilize it for everyone’s info.




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