City wants your opinion on Sunset Avenue trail improvements


The City of Edmonds wants to know what you think about plans to create 2,000 feet of bicycle and pedestrian trail along existing right-of-way along Sunset Avenue between Bell Street and Caspers Street. The project is designed to connect existing parks and trails to create recreational loops in the downtown area and non-motorized access to the ferry, transit, waterfront parks, dining, and shopping.

You can learn more and take the survey here.


  1. Can this be a one way, north bound street? Put the parking on the east side of the street and the bike path on the west side of the street.

  2. What a great idea. Mayor Earling should be congratulated for trying to do what should have been done years ago. There is no sidewalk on the water side of Sunset and literally hundred of people currently use this route on sunny weekends. Maybe Sunset should be one way from Main St. to Caspers?

  3. We would very much support a reasonably balanced effort to serve the needs of folks for walking, biking, driving. Some of us try to use the area during the week and would appeciate also a sitting area for relaxing and counting the ferries and enjoying the snow. The benches are very much appreciated. Thank you, Herbe and Jean Stocker (new residents since September 2010).

  4. This is probably one of the easiest and most pleasant towns to walk or bike around…..

    I’m amazed that the city has extra money at this time to fund something as this. I live right around the corner and walk this every day and find it quite pleasant as is………

    .Maybe the money would be better spent fixing those big potholes and ruts in the streets around town. They’re still there. I’m on Sunset every weekend and people seem to be enjoying it as is

  5. I agree with number 6. I think the city should use the money somewhere else.
    Like turning the city play field into a Japanese garden with a walking path all around it and turn our lovely city of Edmonds into a walking and biking city. NO CARS!

  6. @#7 Cathy – the “City” play field” is owned by the School District – the rent to the District is a dollar per year. There are quite a few years left on that lease.

  7. Agree with #2 and I can’t see what additional value is gained putting this on the edge with minimal protections for folks. There is a bike lane already that ‘completes’ the loop. You can walk with ease and grab great views @ many places on Sunset as we do. If better views are desired, go down to the beach and grab a seat. Not the best use of limited funds.


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