Meadowdale High’s inaugural magazine released

“Live, Laugh, Love,” a photograph by Devin Wilkening, MHS grade 10

Meadowdale High advisor Alison Ersfeld’s dream of a school arts and literary magazine was printed and released this week. The inaugural issue, titled, “Unmasked,” features poetry, prose and artwork by Meadowdale students.

“No doubt about it,” said Ersfeld in the magazine prologue, “the teen years are often turbulent and perplexing (and creativity) though the visual arts and writing is a healthy outlet.” The Parent Resource Group helped with printing expenses, and a poetry sample follows. More information is available by calling the school office at 425-431-7650.

Latchkey Kid, by Taylor Meabon, MHS grade 12

…First day of third grade I was taught how
to open a can and how to start the microwave…
Every day mom would get home after
I’d fallen asleep. I’d try to stay awake
Just to catch a glimpse of her
hours after the kids cartoons stopped
showing on the TV….


  1. Bravo!!!! I hope to be able to see the inaugural issue of the magazine “Unmasked” .
    Meadowdale High and the students that it serves is fortunate to have teachers and advisors that are dedicated to providing opportiunities for creative expression.


  2. Hi, Neal – we appreciate having your daughter, Alison Ersfeld, in the Edmonds District!

    And, thank you, Robin, for your comment. I hope there are extra copies for folks. Maybe Alison can help.




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