Meadowdale couple stepping out for prom

Ethan Coffey and Sage Haynes on their way to the prom. (Photo by Char Blankenship)

As promised, as a follow-up to our story on Ethan Coffey and Sage Haynes and their practical approach to attending the Meadowdale High School prom, here’s their pre-prom photo, taken Friday night.



  1. What an adorable couple. They are dressed to the T and look just beautiful!
    I can’t speak for Ethan however, Sage has turned into a special person in what
    seems like overnight
    Only yesterday she was 5 and smart as can be!!
    Not only is Sage stunning to look at, she is an incredibly intelligent and insightful young lady.
    No doubt her parents are bursting at the seams with pride.

    Alll my best wishes,

  2. What an exceptional couple! I hope they had a wonderful evening and created memories for a lifetime.

    Cheryl Thrash

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