About our new masthead: A tribute to the late Bryan Briscoe

Dear My Edmonds News Readers:

You may have noticed that we have changed the look of our masthead. After three years providing Edmonds with online community news and a forum for commentary, we wanted to refresh our look by featuring one of the outstanding photos taken by the late Edmonds photographer Bryan Briscoe.

You can see some of our favorite photos from Bryan — including the new masthead photo of the snow-capped Olympic Mountains and the Edmonds-Kingston ferry  — on our Pinterest page.

We have incorporated this photo with the permission and blessings of Bryan’s two surviving adult children, who told us that such use was a lasting tribute to their father’s work.


Teresa Wippel, Publisher


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  1. I like it! A very “Edmonds” photo and a nice tribute to Mr. Briscoe.

  2. Teresa: What a great tribute to Bryan and new masthead for Edmonds News. Thank you and your readers for being so kind to him. He had an eye and loved Edmonds! Shawn

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