Favorite holiday gift #5: The Lily Pad Lid at Wooden Spoon

    The Lily Pad Lid can be found at Wooden Spoon.

    By Janette Turner

    A few weeks back, My Edmonds News set out to find the five best gifts for sale in town. Each week we will pick a favorite product, counting down to number one.

    Gift #5 comes from The Wooden Spoon, which had several solid entries sent in by owner Jenny Shore. “(Our store’s) best sellers are Corkcicles – freezable “icicles” that can be used directly in the wine bottle to quickly chill wine without diluting it –  and Roasting Laurels, which are silicone racks used to help roast foods evenly.” But My Edmonds News has selected the store’s Lily Pad Lids as our favorite holiday gift of the week.

    Shore explains Lily Pad Lids are “silicone lids that can be used in place of plastic wrap, or used in the microwave, on the stove top or even in the oven.” The lids seal tight and are sure to be a holiday hit. To see them in person, head downtown to the Wooden Spoon.


    1. We LOVE our Lily pads! We have two, small and large and use them all the time. Besides being beautiful, they are exceptionally versatile and easy to clean. Of course it’s also fun to lift a full casserole dish up just by the stem in the center – a real crowd pleaser!


    2. While we’re talking about gifts from Edmonds… I’ve put together “Everything Edmonds” Baskets as gifts and auction items. It’s fun to pick a theme like, “Date Night,” “Picnic,” “Game Night,” “Book Lover,” “Baking Day,” etc. and visit several different Edmonds shops to gather the perfect item to put in the basket. My first stop is usually the Fabric of Life shop on Main for that beautiful basket from Ghana.


    3. Hi Janette,
      Gifts are so very personal. I can say that I have always been able to find what I want with in the boundaries of Edmonds! We have so many shops that provide traditional gifts along with unique, one of a kind great ideas. Many will custom make gifts too. For instance, I was browsing in Blue Fish on 5th one day. I think I was trying to distract myself from the fact that my husband was getting ready for a 3 week, 1800 mile bike ride down the stretch of the Rocky Mountains. I was worried about him. A flash of inspiration, “Do you have any lucky charms?” They had hundreds of them! In a few fun minutes of going through them, the obvious one appeared… ” Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.” Thoreau. In a flash, the lucky charm was attached to a clip and gift wrapped. And the best part about this gift? It worked. He came home alive and well!




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