Lady Mavs shut out Seagulls to win Wesco 3A District Championship


By Quint Turner

Last year, the Lady Mavs won 2-0 in the District championship over the then-unbeaten Everett Seagulls. This year, with Meadowdale being undefeated and Everett having a couple of losses, the Meadowdale once again prevailed in the District final  with a 1-0 win over the Seagulls.

Tisha Parsley scored the only goal of the game in the 17th minute thanks to assists by both Hannah Shouse and Taylor Monroe-Jones, and Ashley Routh earned another shutout on the year. Katie Johnson was the Seagull goalie for the first 70 minutes, until head coach Kosta Pitharoulis made a tactical change and sent in Katie Webber to try and push for a tying goal.

The Seagulls almost got the first goal of the game in the fourth minute when Maddie Reed sent a through ball into the box that forward Ashlyn Johnson almost got to, but Routh came out to snatch it away. Meadowdale came back three minutes later when Roslyn Stapleton won a fight for the ball and took a 25-yard shot on net, but Johnson saved it. Monroe-Jones set up Erica Beaulieu in the 9th minute with a cross, and Beaulieu took a one-timer inside the box, but the shot went high over the crossbar. In the 13th minute, Bailey McMullen stole the ball away at midfield and dribbled past the Maverick defense and all the way into the box. She took a low shot on net that was saved by Routh and the ball rebounded out of the goal box before being cleared by the defense.

The Mavericks broke through in the 17th minute. Shouse sent a lead pass up to Parsley, who worked a give-and-go with Monroe-Jones. Parsley got the return pass inside the box, and she sent a low shot to the left corner with enough pace to get by Johnson, and the Mavs had a 1-0 lead. The Seagulls tried to respond immediately and earned a corner kick, but CJ Shaver’s kick was easily cleared.

In the 29th minute, Morgan McCarty got a clearing attempt by the Mavs at the 30-yard line and took a long shot, but she sent it over the net. The last chance in the half came a minute later for the Mavs. Beaulieu threw the ball in and got it back after a skirmish, and she sent a long shot from 40 yards on net, but Johnson easily saved it. Meadowdale took a 1-0 lead into the half.

The Mavs came into the second half guns blazing. They earned a corner kick right away, and Stapleton sent a low cross to Emily Crichlow. Crichlow took a one-timer shot inside the box, but it went over the net. In the 50th minute, Monroe-Jones took a 35- yard shot after a poor clearance attempt that looked like it was going in the top right corner, but Johnson made a save to keep the score at 1-0. Everett earned a free kick in the middle of the field 30 yards away from the MHS goal in the 58th minute. McMullen took it, and sent a low curving shot that was saved by a diving Routh.

The Mavs almost made it 2-0 in the 62nd minute, when Stapleton got into the EHS box and dropped it back to Shouse. Shouse hit a 30-yard shot that bounced off the crossbar and rebounded to Crichlow inside the box, but Crichlow’s one-timer went well wide of the net.

A similar shot by Shouse occurred in the 67th minute. This time, Monroe-Jones set up her 30-yard shot, and it went on net, but Johnson made the save. The next minute, Sara Fjortoft dribbled through the entire EHS defense and into the box before taking a poor-angle shot from just six yards away. Johnson punched the ball above the crossbar a split-second before it went in, and the corner kick after by Stapleton was easily cleared.

In the 69th minute, Crichlow and Beaulieu tried a give-and-go, and Crichlow got the ball inside the box. She tried a similar low shot to the one Parsley scored on, but Johnson was ready for it and she made the save. Johnson was taken out for Webber a minute later.

Webber would be tested right away by the Mavs. In the 72nd minute, Crichlow stole the ball away from Nikoline Larsen near the EHS box, and she dribbled into the box before sending a low shot to the bottom left corner. Webber had to make a diving save on the shot to keep the Seagulls within one. Alyssa Navlet tried Webber again in the 75th minute with a 30-yard shot, but it went wide of the net.

The Seagulls got their best chance to tie the game up in the 78th minute. After playing very good defense the first 78 minutes, Kendall Raecker hit a poor clearance attempt that bounced straight to Ashlyn Johnson near the 30-yard line. She dribbled past Raecker and the Maverick defense into the box, but somehow Jasmine Parsley caught up to her and knocked the ball away as she was winding up for a shot. The Seagulls weren’t able to get any more attempts to tie the game, and the Mavericks hung on for a 1-0 victory.

With the win, the Mavericks will play Bainbridge High School in the first round of state playoffs on Nov. 7 at Meadowdale, at a time to be determined. The Seagulls are also in the state playoffs, and they will play Kennedy Catholic High School on Nov. 7 at 7 p.m., at Highline Memorial Stadium.

Sports correspondent Quint Turner is a student at Meadowdale High School.


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