Seen in Edmonds: Snowy owl

From LeRoy VanHee, a photo of a snowy owl taken at the Edmonds waterfront.


  1. Is a snowy owl common to our waterfront? Wow, I’m so impressed! Would have loved to have seen it in person.
    Thanks to LeRoy VanHee for sharing it!

  2. Patricia: I’ve never seen one before in Edmonds or anywhere. Others watching and photographing it said they have seen them here before. It was sitting on the marina breakwater opposite the fishing pier most of the day Monday.

  3. A snowy owl was around the downtown area much of last winter. Enter “snowy owl” in the search box and you can see the reports that appeared on this site.

  4. Ron, He’s on the marina brakewater that runs north and south next to the fishing pier. If it’s still there you’ll see several people watching it with camera and/or telescopes on the fishing pier and the bridge that leads to it.

  5. LeRoy:
    Thank you for the excellent directions. The owl is still there to be seen if you go to the southern end of the fishing pier and look east at the breakwater.


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