Edmonds joins Mukilteo in opposing Paine Field expansion


By Brian Soergel

The cities of Edmonds and Mukilteo, which have long opposed expanding commercial and passenger service at Paine Field, have filed a notice with the 9th U.S. Circuit of Appeals in San Francisco to challenge a federal decision allowing more flights at the Everett airport.

“The City of Edmonds joined Mukilteo in its challenge to the environmental assessment for the opening of Paine Field to unlimited operations by scheduled airlines because both communities will be affected by noise and other impacts which have not been adequately analyzed or disclosed in the environmental assessment,” said Barbara Lichman, an attorney for Buchalter Nemer.

The Herald reports that the notice filed with the federal court of appeals could lead to a hearing in April. The cities of Lynnwood and Mountlake Terrace have also gone on record as opposing the proposal to allow commercial service due to the resulting increased air traffic over their respective cities.

According to our online news partner The Seattle Times, both Allegiant Air and Alaska Airlines have expressed interest in flying in and out of the airport, which does not have a passenger terminal but plans to build one.

Before any commercial flights could begin, there would be a review by the State Environment Policy Act (SEPA), The Times reports.

Edmonds’ challenge to Paine Field comes as no surprise.

In September, the Edmonds City Council passed a resolution opposing commercial air passenger service after a Sept. 12 Federal Aviation Administration report “that failed to account for cumulative impacts from a potential increase in the number of future flights,” according to City of Edmonds Economic Development Director Stephen Clifton.

Clifton added that the expansion could jeopardize Boeing’s manufacturing, as well as the general aviation emphasis of Paine Field.

The resolution is the city’s sixth opposing expansion at Paine Field, following similar ones in 1995, two in 2005, one in 2008 and one in 2010.




  1. Biggest carbon sin….air travel
    U.S. Energy Dept.
    Long haul flight between Chicago / Frankfrut produce 10.4 tons of carbon dioxide per passenger
    A years driving in a medium car….3.5 per car
    A years electricity….6.6 tons per house
    Three round trips coast to coast flying……..6 tons per passenger
    According to the New York Times…..”If Obama is serious about climate change., some say he should regulate aviation.”
    The airlines has successfully resisted ANY regulations or taxation of their emissions
    Can we breathe the air in the path of more flights at Paine field? …….what about the wildlife that lives with us……this is ” economic development ” no question


  2. Paine Field as a commercial airport is the biggest threat to an ‘Edmonds Kind of Day’,

    Once established, air traffic will continue to grow and yes thank you Tere Ryder, air pollution will grow with it. Not to mention noise pollution and fuel drops.

    This is a huge threat to our community and must not happen.


  3. There are many things for us to be concerned about if commercial flights are allowed to operate at Paine Field, but I don’t believe that air pollution is one of them. For more than two years my barracks was near the runways of an air force fighter base; there was lots of noise, but I do not recall any problem with air pollution.


  4. @3 Because air quality was being monitored by whom?

    My 3 years at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island in the 60’s was not an air quality problem for me either. Young lungs are not sensitive to pollution, they just accept the air they have to work with until they cannot.

    The sound of freedom was and still is the call at NAS Whidbey. Fair enough. The air station was there before folks moved in. Turning Paine commercial after citizens are established is a whole different ballgame.

    If you think there are no air quality issues associated with jet engines I suggest you have a second look.

    I will agree we have many things we have to be concerned with, not the least being property value.

    I already have clients telling me they are concerned to buy in this area because of Paine Field.


  5. Perhaps it is time for travelers from the North end of Puget Sound to share in the noise and pollution that has vexed the South end for so many years. Anyone that has flown on a jet out of Sea-Tac has contributed to that.
    Actually, with the new engines that modern jets are using, the noise isn’t so disruptive. Driving to Sea-Tac is an adventure which takes a lot of time. Being able to fly out of Everett would be a lot more convenient.
    There are positives and negatives to this issue. I like the positives more than I dislike the negatives. It is possible that where I currently live, it puts me right under the flight path for landings at Paine Field.


  6. WA is the fake green state. oil coal export king. ongoing expansion of air (including delta expansion to china) , digging a tunnel , widen a bridge, phase out tenino plant in TEN YEARS! on and on…..idiots who need more money to prop up the machine they create


    • “need more money to prop up the machine they create”…….this couldn’t be said better.

      Our Mayor having belonged to many commissions, commitees, groups, transportation issues, etc. for years has we assume known long before now or at least heard of many of the huge problems we face, particularily in regards to the highly dangerous Bakken oil cars, and only now (this is old news) begins really discussing how dangerous. this is to us here in Edmonds. This had not been mentioned in the past at all until a citizen brought it up in this news source quite some time ago. If a citizen who belongs to no committees, commisions, etc. sees this information out there easily regarding our safety why hasn’t our Mayor seen or acted on this prior to now?. …….The safety of a town and its citizens is very basic and should always be a big priority first

      Kind of like the barn doors are already open now.

      Our town government spends and wastes more time on what appears to be special interest “projects” that the citizens of Edmonds do not even want ($$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$), and the important issues, particularily regarding the safety of the public here is not even on the radar of this city administration……Too many times this administration it appears does not even address citizens questions regarding this. They seem to have the audacity to act like they are above it all……and do not have to answer to anyone. Something terribly wrong with that. There is a silence with this adminstration that affects every resident in Edmonds. We all know the “history” of what happens when governments have historically put their populace last in the equation……The very people they are sworn to provide safety for, fairness, laws followed, etc. We’re all in this together, and someone needs to point this out to the government here…….We live on this little, teeny tiny spot on our planet, and we should ALL be working together, not separate from those who are elected….We did not elect them to stand apart and be above the very citizens that elected them. Edmonds Spring




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