Manya Vee Selects heart votives

Heart-shaped votives can be found at Manya Vee Selects.
Heart-shaped votives can be found at Manya Vee Selects.

By Janette Turner

The search for lovable gifts led us to Manya Vee Selects boutique and a red heart votive by Kirkland artist Celeste Stuhring. “It’s a perfect Valentine’s Day gift,” said owner Manya Vee, “because you can tangibly show someone how they warm your heart! Celeste creates a metal frame and adheres her colorful fused glass to the surface. Behind each heart is a stand for a votive candle to burn brightly.” Vee said she was visiting the artist’s studio recently, and the votives are among Stuhring’s newest creations.

Vee offers one last bit of advice for Valentine’s Day: “We want to encourage people to remember all those whose love has influenced your life. It’s not just for lovers!” With that in mind, you are invited to visit Manya Vee Selects boutique for heart-warming votives and more lovable gifts.

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