It’s official: Edmonds IGA Market will open in former Petosa’s space May 15

    The former Petosa's Family Grocer will become the Edmonds IGA.
    The former Petosa’s Family Grocer will become the Edmonds IGA Market.

    By Larry Vogel

    Less than three months after Petosa’s Family Grocer closed its doors, Edmonds will once again have a full-service grocery in the downtown core.

    “We plan to open the new Edmonds IGA Market on May 15,” said owner Mike Trask. A gala grand opening event will be held in June.

    No stranger to the grocery business, Trask has been at the helm of the Granite Falls IGA since 1999. More than a place to get bread and milk, the Granite Falls store serves as an unofficial town center, sponsoring everything from charitable fundraisers to special parking lot events for the community.

    Earlier this year, Trask’s Granite Falls store received the IGA’s International Retailer of the Year award. While the IGA weighs a number of factors in determining who gets these awards, one of the biggest is the way the store takes care of their community.

    “We plan to bring this same level of community involvement to Edmonds,” he said. “Look for us to be involved in the full range of Edmonds events and activities, and look for us to put on some of our own too.”

    “Part of being a good neighbor and member of the community is recognizing and meeting the needs of the people who live here,”  Trask added. “I’m excited that many of our customers live in walking distance of the store, and we’ll respond by offering smaller packages so that it will be easy to get what you need an still be able to carry it home in a single bag.”

    Plans for the Edmonds IGA Market include an expanded range of organic and natural products, a full-service deli, and wide array of “grab and go” foods. Store hours will be 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

    Deli manager Brent Kuester is excited to get going. In addition to the usual array of cold cuts, salads and cheeses, look for the deli to offer a range of hot and cold meal items, and fresh-baked French bread and rolls. “We’ll provide choices for customers looking for everything from a lunchtime sandwich to wholesome, affordable meals that they don’t have to cook,” he said.

    The deli will also include a smoker in which Kuester will prepare some delicious smoked brisket, chicken and ribs. “Ideal for an impromptu picnic on the beach or a summer concert in the park,” he said.

    Mayor Dave Earling is particularly pleased to welcome the Edmonds IGA Market to town. “This is a big deal for Edmonds,” he said. “This didn’t happen without a lot of hard work by a lot of folks; it’s a great reflection on the commitment of the property managers and owners.”

    But no one is happier than Mike Trask. “I’m thrilled to be part of this great community,” he said. “My goal is simple. I want to make this your neighborhood store.”

    Gary Rygg, Mike Trask’s business partner, said that hiring for the new store is almost complete. “We’ve hired most of our workforce from the Edmonds community, including some former Petosa’s employees” he said. “We still have a few part-time positions available, and look to fill these within the next few weeks.”





    1. This is great news! Let’s all commit to shopping there for more than just milk and bread. “Hoping” won’t make it thrive. For those who love to find bargains and travel up the hill to save 10 cents, please consider the total dollar, time, gas and community costs of not shopping local.

    2. Great news!! Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen! I think that Tom would be very pleased with our new IGA market!!!

    3. This is great news for Edmonds. The new operators appear to be very solid grocers and community orientated. This is a win win for everyone. I spent many years working at that store and know that there will be many challanges, but I feel that this group have a great chance at succeding and will certainly enhance this community.

    4. Oh, I am so happy about this! I’ve been missing Petosa’s dearly, and am happy some of it’s staff will be working at IGA. Plus, I’ll have a grocery store within walking distance again! YAY!

    5. I am thrilled to hear this news. As a former Petosa’s employee, I’m also happy that I’ll see some familiar faces in the new IGA. Living downtown, I’ve missed the convenience of having a grocery store near by. Thank You, Mr. Trask for joining our community.

    6. Kudos to all involved. I will miss Betty Jo, but I am glad to see an IGA in our neighborhood. I grew up IGA shopping, as it was our neighborhood market in Oregon! Thanks to the Mayor and staff and all involved in making this happen so swiftly.

    7. My family and I are thrilled with this news. Edmonds is a wonderful community and we look forward to supporting this and other businesses in our town.

    8. I’ve enjoyed shopping at the Granite Falls IGA before, on my way to hiking trails. So excited to see the picnic offerings at the Edmonds IGA, like onsite smoked meat to grab for the beach or park. See you at the store!

    9. I can hardly wait until I can once again walk to the grocery store. Also will be very happy to see some of those former lovely Petosa’s people checking me out. I will always miss Betty Jo but am really happy to welcome IGA.


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