Harbor Square issue back on Edmonds City Council agenda Tuesday


What to do next regarding planning for the Harbor Square Business Complex? The Edmonds City Council will again take up that topic Tuesday night, and discuss whether to move forward with a plan for incorporating a Master Plan for the Port-owned Harbor Square Business Complex into the City of Edmonds Comprehensive Plan.

According to the City Council agenda: “Given that the Port has withdrawn their application for a master plan, the Council needs to discuss how it wants to proceed.  If the Council desires to continue with planning for Harbor Square, this would require docketing a new plan proposal that would need to go through the entire planning process.  This would necessitate substantial staff time, review and hearing(s) by the Planning Board, and subsequent review and hearing(s) by the City Council.  Given current priorities and staffing levels, we have serious concerns about whether we have sufficient resources to undertake this work.”

The council will also:

– Conduct a closed record review of the Edmonds Planning Board’s recommendation to approve a proposal to rezone one parcel (403 & 405 3rd Ave. N) from Contract Residential Multifamily to Residential Multifamily.
– Discuss and take possible action regarding authorization to fund the Volunteer Appreciation Day from the Council Contingency Fund.
– Discuss and take possible action to authorize funding the legal fees for the Hillman Closed Record Review from the Council Contingency Fund.
– Hear a presentation on critical areas ‘allowed activities’ provisions.
– Have a discussion regarding development of a City Code of Ethics.

The meeting will begin at 7 p.m. in the Council Chambers, Public Safety Complex, 250 5th Ave. N., Edmonds. You can can the complete agenda here.


  1. DISGUSTING. The Council couldn’t agree on a plan brought forth by The Port of Edmonds, the owners of the property. The Ports Plan had undergone a 2 to 3 year process before bringing to Council and now Council wants to spend my tax dollars to create the process all over again expecting a different outcome, what makes them think they can do it better or even agree among themselves. The charge of the City Council is policy making not planning…I for one will be watching very closely as to how those that are up for re-election do their job. Are they making policy or taking it upon themselves to push through their own personal agendas for the city plan? I suggest an apology is in order to the Port and ask them to come back to the table to put the final touches on their extremely comprehensive plan that has meet with the blessing of the Planning Board.




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